7 May

There was a time that I LOVED thunderstorms, but that all changed when I got caught in a nasty storm while I was on The Disney College Program in Orlando, Florida. It happened on one of the last days of my college program, while I was in Disney’s Hollywood Studios getting my picture with characters while wearing my graduation ears. As anyone who has ever lived in or visited central Florida can tell you, on most days there is a daily afternoon rain storm, usually right around 3pm or 4pm. So, I was prepared (at this point I had lived in Florida for just under a year), and I had my rain coat and umbrella with me. However, they were little help against the sideways rain, hail and 60 MPH wind. It also didn’t help that I happened to be waiting for the bus in the parking lot to take me back to College Program (CP) housing, so there was little shelter to be found. Needless to say, the bus was delayed because of the weather making driving nearly impossible and I was stuck out in the rain for nearly 40 minutes with another CP who had just gotten off work. By the time the bus arrived, I was soaked to the bone, shivering hard and feared I would never be dry or warm again. Lucky for me, my boyfriend was waiting for me at the bus stop in his warm truck! And, being the awesome guy he is, got me home, made me EXTREMELY hot tea, and found me all the blankets and warm clothes he had in his apartment. So, ever since that day, thunderstorms have kind of rattled me. I have this fear of getting stranded in one out in the open again. Which brings me to today…

While at work today around 1:30pm, a Code Grey Phase 1 went out, which translated to severe weather heading our way. I didn’t think too much of it, I had checked radar on my iPod and it looked like the storm would pass quickly. And sure enough, maybe an hour later, the Code Grey was lifted. Great news for me, as I would be driving to my second job less than 20 minutes later. Well, the sun didn’t stay out long much to my dismay. Upon entering the library where I work, it begins to storm again. Now, normally, I’d be okay with this, but tonight, I was going to be working later than the building was to be open for the public to use. So picture this if you can, the building is closed, I am the only one on the 9th floor of a 12 story building, there are only 2 other people in the ENTIRE BUILDING and they are on the first floor. Lightning flashes. Thunder booms. Ceiling lights flicker. Books fall over. Strange shadows appear on the walls. I swear I can feel someone watching me. I text my boyfriend because I am freaking out, this is the opening of a horror movie in my mind. All I can think is “no one would hear me if I screamed!” There is a rapping at the windows… hail. The wind has picked up. The lightning dances in the sky. At 8pm, when it’s finally time to leave, I opt not to take the elevator, deciding that if I had, the electricity were sure to go out, and I had no desire to be stuck somewhere between the 9th and first floors. I run down the 9 flights of stairs, not sure which is louder, the thumping of my heart or my feet hitting the stairs.

Moment of truth. Time to make a mad dash for my car. Of course the sidewalks are flooded. And by the time I make it to my car, I get a feeling of deja vu, as once again I am 100% saturated with water. My drive home was terrifying. I don’t know how I made it home in one piece, I think my car hydroplaned the whole time. There were at least 6 major puddles I had to go through, and I nearly went off the road TWICE! Once on the express way, my tension level reached a 9 as big semi trucks were passing me at 70 – 80 MPH where road visibility was less than 10 feet in front of you! And to make matters worse, it was raining so hard, I almost missed my exit because I couldn’t see the sign or the lines of the off ramp! Upon reaching my garage safely, I finally let go of the steering wheel and relaxed my body, only to discover how tense and stiff I was on my drive home. Every muscle in my body is screaming in protest, adrenaline still  surging though me as I think about my day.

The thunderstorm is still brewing outside my window, and I fear I may be in for a long night with little sleep. But thankfully my night has been made better by reading and texting my Prince.


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