Building Forts

27 May

I love Sundays! They may be my favorite day of the week!

It was a lazy, humid day here in the Kingdom. I finished reading book four in The Kingdom Keepers Series, The Kingdom Keepers – Power Play. It was an AMAZING book and I had a hard time putting it down at night so I could sleep! So… because I HAD TO KNOW what was happening next in the story, I began book five, The Kingdom Keepers – Shell Game. I am going to feel empty on the inside when I finish this book! Does anyone else get so lost in a story that they cry and laugh with the characters, and feel lonely when the book ends?! I’ve always had that problem…. or connection!

Now, before you think all I did was read today, I did accomplish 3 loads of laundry! I managed to hang 2 loads outside on the clothes lines. THEY SMELL FANTASTIC NOW, like sunshine and starry nights! It’s the little things of summer that I enjoy! There is nothing as wonderful as falling asleep under sheets and blankets that have soaked in the clean summer air! I am going to sleep so well tonight!

SO, what happened to the third load you ask? Well, along with summertime comes thunderstorms that just appear out of nowhere. All week long, it has been trying to storm, but somehow, it has managed to miss us. But of course today, when I have my clothes bathing in the warm sun, billowing in the wind, dark angry storm clouds move in! (This I happened to notice while watching “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” with the King & Queen.)

I raced outside to save my clothes from getting soaked! Feeling depressed now, the rest of my blankets had just finished in the washer. Due to the fact that it’s summer, we don’t use the dryer unless it’s an absolute emergency. WHAT TO DO THEN?! Time to think outside the box and get creative!:D

I resort to being a little princess again and using my master craft of fort building! This worked perfectly! My blankets still smell like sunshine and starry nights thanks to the open window!

Now, that thunderstorm that was suppose to hit? Once I got my blankets all set up, it rained 20 drops outside, thundered a few times and stopped. So I waited….and waited….and waited for the clouds to break, the rain to fall, the tension before the storm to evaporate. That finally came around 9pm. Go figure. I could have hung my blankets out, but I just know that once I would have come back inside, I would have been running back out in a full rainstorm. Such is life sometimes.


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