Best Friends

4 Jun

I have often heard it said friends are the family members you choose. And a best friend, well,  she is the sister destiny forgot to give you.

I couldn’t agree more.

My best friend, Princess Kira and I, have known each other since we were 12 years old!! We have been through a lot…. pre-teens, hating boys (we invented “the boy box” an awesome little box that would lock up all the annoying boys and keep them away from us), then there were the rebellious (okay, maybe moody is a better word) teenage years, and the pivotal moment when we turned 20 and then 21 (our birthdays are only 13 days a part!).

When we were 22, we each set off on a different journey. She went to Germany on a Church mission for 18 months and I spent a year working as a Cast Member at The Walt Disney Resort®, a dream I’ve had since childhood. Emails and snail mail were our forms of communication. At times it was very difficult not having her around, exciting things were happening and she was the person I wanted to share my stories with!

But recently, we have been reunited! 😀

My best friend, Princess Kira and I about 5 or 6 years ago… where has the time gone?!

We are both back from our adventures and working at our old job (working in a library) again…. together! I am lucky. How many people can say they get to work with their best friend? It’s like getting paid to hang out! We make it fun… we laugh, tell stories and find amusing ways to make the day go faster! For example, last week we were talking about different things we remember and/or miss from our childhood. (This was started due to a link a friend of ours had put on Facebook that was titled “You know you grew up in the ’90s if...”) A good ways down on this list was: You just can’t resist finishing ‘In west Philadelphia born and raised…’ so of course Princess Kira had to prove to the world she was a kid in the ’90s! Check out the video below!


Needless to say, it is AWESOME having my best friend back home! Let the good times roll. Look out world, we are looking for adventures!


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