Meditating while Biking

7 Jun

It was a beautiful night, so I took full advantage of it and went for a 4-mile bike ride. In our Kingdom, there is a lovely reservoir that offers a smooth walking/biking path. And surprisingly, it wasn’t crowded with people. It was nice, I basically had the place to myself.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed biking (I haven’t been in years). I will admit, it took me a minute or three to get my balance and rhythm down. But once I did…

I was flying! The wind was rushing through my hair, the birds were singing, the sun was shining…. Life, was good.

I don’t lead a stressful life and I try to avoid as much drama as possible, but I’m only human and those things sometimes get in the way. But when I was biking, I could feel the stress and worry and negativity just melt away. It was like I couldn’t hold onto those thoughts and feelings because the physical demand of peddling was too great.  I was free from my troubles for a short while, and my mind could enjoy the beauty around me.

As I looked out over the water, I saw the occasional boat, but there was something smaller that caught and kept my attention.

The fish! They were jumping, almost dancing. It was hypnotizing to watch. At first the water was as smooth as glass, then out of nowhere, there were 3 or 4 fish leaping into the air. I assume they were trying to catch dinner. But I didn’t care. It was entertaining to watch. They were so synchronized, like they’d been practicing and this was opening night!  I would give them 8.5 out of 10 stars! 😉

When I finished my ride, the sun was reflecting beautifully on the lake. So I had to stop and take a picture. It was nearly the perfect end to a wonderful bike ride… having my Prince with me would have made the evening magical.



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