I got a [temporary] JOB!!!

11 Jun

I finished all the hours (300 to be exact) for my internship last week! Couldn’t be happier, now just waiting for graduation in August!! And they offered me a JOB!!!

It’s a temporary position to cover for two different maternity leaves… but it means that I have a job [hopefully] through the end of the year! And the chance to put some real working experience in my field of study on my resume!

Today was my “first day” as a co-worker and not an intern! Still having a hard time making the switch from intern to co-worker in my brain… I feel like I don’t know enough or I’m not qualified to do the work (even though I AM and I’ve been doing it since I started my internship in April).

I guess I’m still feeling overwhelmed! This is my first “professional” working experience and I don’t want to mess it up or make a fool of myself.  I truly enjoy who I work with and am so thankful for this opportunity! They are teaching me so many things in the areas I believe my college failed to properly prepare me.

This is truly a blessing and it couldn’t have come at a better time! I feel like I have a couple more months cushion to find a full-time permanent position somewhere before I need to start making payments on my school loans. (Uggg)

Now that a weight has been temporarily removed from my shoulders, I feel better.


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