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One Month Left!!!

11 Jul

Today makes exactly ONE MONTH until my college graduation!! I went rummaging through my parent’s closet and found the robe my dad wore 5 years ago when he got his bachelors degree. I put it on and felt slightly ridiculous… why are the hats square? Is there a reason? Anyways, I’m going to wear his robe, it beats spending money on my own when they all look the same.

And speaking of graduation, I don’t know what to feel about it! Should I feel:

  • Excitement?!

  • Joy?!

  • Loss?!

  • Freedom?!

  • Anxiety?!

  • Nervousness?!

  • Overwhelmed?!

  • Dread?!

  • Scared?!

  • Worried?!

  • A little bit of everything?!

For those who have graduated from college, what did you feel?! Am I over-thinking these feelings? I know  the end of the “school-days” chapters of my life are nearing the end and I’m having a difficult time sorting through all the emotions. I feel like I’m saying goodbye to a part of my identity… since I was 5-years-old I have been a “student”, so what will I be now?

The world awaits and the page is blank in my book of life. It’s time to write a new chapter and continue the adventure. Now where did I leave my pen?!


Independence Day

4 Jul

You know you’re from The Kingdom if you know what ” knee-high by the 4th of July” is referencing. If not…. find the answer at the bottom of this post! 😉


I hope you had a great day celebrating our Nation’s birthday!

Every year on the fourth, my family has a family reunion… you know the kind, family members you see once a year, all kinds of pasta salad and hamburgers, and catching up on the latest family gossip , I mean news.

This year, it was HOT!! And not just that, it was muggy and dry. Oh, and I forgot to mention this get-together is held OUTSIDE!!

Now, I love my family. As a whole, we are loud, laughing, enjoying life kind of group. And boy can we talk! Some of my family members will just go on and on and on for what seems like days! You almost have to wonder how they can talk so much and so fast and still breathe. It’s a gift, no other explanation.

Finally, it got to hot to hang around [heat index over 100] and we went home to wait until it was firework time [sort of]!! We always watch fireworks at the same place every year and we have a certain “spot” that we like to watch from… so we went 2 1/2 HOURS EARLY to get our favorite spot. Okay, I should mention partly we do this to get a free parking spot and also to avoid all the people at the pop-up carnival on the other side of the park.

Now, I need to back track for a minute….. all day long, thanks to the extreme heat, we had some MAJOR storms building, and of course when are they suppose to hit? Around the time of the fireworks…. I mean, isn’t that the way it always happens?! So, there we sit, waiting for the show to start and the Queen (aka: mom) gets a text from the King (aka: dad)….. “Thunderstorm building just north of you. Moving fast. Will be there by 10:00pm.” Awesome. And it’s only 9:10pm and the fireworks start at 10:00pm.

I am starting to get paranoid. No joke. The girl who use to LOVE thunderstorms, now dreads them thanks to a life changing experience on my last day in Florida, but that is another story. And then I see it….. lightning over yonder by the carnival rides.

I. Freak.Out.

In what seemed like 1/20 of a second I have packed up my folding lawn chair, stashed away my beloved camera (I’d die if anything happened to it, it really is an extension of my person) and grabbed my bag with the thought that safety lies in getting to the car ASAP. Clearly, my family thinks I have over-reacted. So reluctantly I lay down in the grass, on edge and very stressed out since the next text from the King is something about a tornado warning for our area until midnight. Umm… can we go now, please?!

Not. A. Chance.

“We’ve waited all year to see fireworks” and “it’ll blow over in no time” and “you worry too much” and “they will start any minute now” float on the wind. I think they did end up starting the show a few minutes early and it’s a good thing they did because that storm must have consumed an energy drink or something because it started booking it double time. I have never seen our local fireworks get set off so fast and I NEVER want to see them during a thunderstorm EVER, EVER AGAIN. But I will admit, when I wasn’t concentrating on fighting my body’s fight or flight response, the grand finale looked kind of sweet with the lightning streaks in the background.

And then it was a slow, mad dash back to the car thanks to the torrential downpour. Made all the harder with my sore knee and slippery crocks. What a night.

On the bright side, I did get this picture of the fireworks and I think it looks like this NBA logo. What do you think? Can you see it too, or is my brain still water-logged?

Answer: Corn. And this year, thanks to the good weather, it’s nearly as high as my shoulder!!