One Month Left!!!

11 Jul

Today makes exactly ONE MONTH until my college graduation!! I went rummaging through my parent’s closet and found the robe my dad wore 5 years ago when he got his bachelors degree. I put it on and felt slightly ridiculous… why are the hats square? Is there a reason? Anyways, I’m going to wear his robe, it beats spending money on my own when they all look the same.

And speaking of graduation, I don’t know what to feel about it! Should I feel:

  • Excitement?!

  • Joy?!

  • Loss?!

  • Freedom?!

  • Anxiety?!

  • Nervousness?!

  • Overwhelmed?!

  • Dread?!

  • Scared?!

  • Worried?!

  • A little bit of everything?!

For those who have graduated from college, what did you feel?! Am I over-thinking these feelings? I know  the end of the “school-days” chapters of my life are nearing the end and I’m having a difficult time sorting through all the emotions. I feel like I’m saying goodbye to a part of my identity… since I was 5-years-old I have been a “student”, so what will I be now?

The world awaits and the page is blank in my book of life. It’s time to write a new chapter and continue the adventure. Now where did I leave my pen?!


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