Things That Make Me Smile

16 Aug

Tonight as I’m getting ready for bed, I wanted to share a list of things that have really made me smile in the last couple of days.

It’s been an emotional week. Prince Taylor went back to Disney, graduation and searching for a full time job in a much warmer state, has me feeling like I’ve been living on an emotional roller coaster.

So here’s my list:

1. Phone calls and text messages from my favorite guy! I love him so much, and today we just happen to be celebrating our 1 1/2 year anniversary! Where has the time gone?!

2. Cards in the mail. I love getting snail mail! (when it’s not bills!) and today I got the sweetest graduation card from Prince Taylor’s mom. I am also very grateful for the other cards and gifts I have received for graduation. I will be writing my thank you cards sometime this weekend.

3. My co-workers and supervisor. I started working at this job as an intern in April and was hired as a full time temporary hire in June (covering for 2 different maternity leaves) and they have been so welcoming. I don’t think there has been a day where I have not laughed AT LEAST once while at work. They are a great bunch of girls and I feel so blessed that they have taken me under their wings and taught me so many things I didn’t have the opportunity to learn at school.

4. Sister bonding time!! I love my little sisters with all my heart, and as we have gotten older, we have gotten closer. Tonight we had some bonding time after I got home from work. And while they just needed someone to vent life’s frustrations to, I’m glad they choose me to listen. I would do anything for my little sisters, including attempting to lighten the mood with my terrible drawing abilities.

It’s suppose to be a pig and I have decided to name him Pickles. 😀

5. Finding hearts in nature. I found this PERFECT heart leaf on a tree at work last Wednesday… The same day Prince Taylor moved into his Disney apartment. I sent it to him. It made me smile, wanted him to know I was thinking of him and that I was missing him terribly.



6. My bed. And on that note, I think it’s time for sleep. 5:36am (yea, I know I’m weird, but we all have our quirks!) comes way to early!! Sweet dreams fellow bloggers! 🙂

Zzzzzz……… 😀


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