Celebrating Little Victories

26 Sep

Let’s get the hard stuff out of the way first…

I have been MIA from my blog for awhile now. I’ll be honest, I have been dealing with a lot of stress and the constant worrying managed to drain away my passion for writing. I couldn’t find the words, and even when I could, there was no motivation to tell you what I was thinking, feeling, experiencing. And even now, I find each word to be a struggle. But I refuse to be silenced by my own fears and self doubt any longer. I AM STRONGER THAN THIS PAIN.

You will now be returned to the previously scheduled blog!

When times are hard, I have often heard people say things like “count your blessings,” “look on the bright side,” and “every cloud has a silver lining.” I’m adding one to this list, “count your little victories.”

Tonight’s victory comes in the form of my goal for a healthier life. A few months ago I mentioned that I started working out and I may or may not have mentioned that I attend Zumba classes with my mom every Tuesday and Thursday. I have been watching what I eat (and no, this does not mean I watch the food on the fork as it makes its journey to my mouth.) I make conscious, healthy and delicious decisions about what food (aka: fuel) I put in my body.

The results after 3 months of dedication are starting to pay off…I have lost 20.8 lbs and it’s just the beginning! I have such a fire in my gut now, I love going to Zumba, I love that feeling of calm, peaceful accomplishment at the end of class. I love how every week the movements become easier and I become more in tune with myself. I KNOW I CAN DO IT!!!

So now, when life throws the unexpected into my path, I know I am strong enough to pick up that boulder and crush it into harmless pieces. I am taking back control of my life, my destiny, my dreams. This is my story, and I decide the plot.


2 Responses to “Celebrating Little Victories”

  1. Terry September 27, 2012 at 9:34 am #

    Your insight is SPOT ON, Miranda. Once you know what who you are & you’re really made of you can pulverize those stinking boulders !!! Atta girl … glad to read more of your stuff again =D

    • mgibbon2 September 27, 2012 at 12:45 pm #

      Terry, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! Your encouragement means more than you know! It’s taken me a while to get to this point, and the journey ahead is still long, but I believe in myself now, something I have been to scared to do in years. Please come back and visit soon! 🙂

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