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Dream Interpreter Needed…ASAP

21 Oct

It is very rare for me to remember my dreams….

It doesn’t matter how awesome they were, once I wake up they slip away like smoke, gone forever. The exception being nightmares… where I wake screaming bloody murder, convinced the end is near, or if I have the same dream 5 or 6 times in one night. The latter happened last night. I am so exhausted today because I woke up every 40 minutes at the EXACT SAME SPOT in my dream all night long. And once I was awake, it took nearly another 40 minutes for me to fall back asleep.

Does this happen to you, too? Or am I just weird….

I just don’t get it…. the dream wasn’t scary, horrible, terribly sad or frightening. But for whatever reason, my mind wouldn’t let me go past this one part. So what is the dream you ask… It all starts during my vacation at Disney.

I had been out enjoying the Disney parks all day and was excited to come back to my hotel to relax and freshen up before meeting up with some friends for dinner. However, when I reached my room, I noticed the light was on and the curtains were pulled closed. That was odd since I had turned off the light and opened the curtains before I left that morning, but I figured maybe housekeeping forgot the light and closed the curtains to keep the sun from warming the room, no big deal.

Walk inside and much to my surprise, there spread out on the bed closest to the door is this random woman and her daughter. They were from South America somewhere and I had a terrible time trying to communicate with them that they were in MY room, and that they needed to leave, like NOW! The woman kept repeating, “No, no, no. This my room. We no go. We get this bed.” Angrily, I stormed out of there heading for the front desk of the resort to demand some explanation as to my new “roommates.” That plan was foiled when I discovered that the front desk, which normally would always have a cast member working, was CLOSED!!! (You’ve got to be kidding me, right?!)

New plan. Go back to my room. DEMAND the woman and her daughter leave. I paid for that room, and I was going to be the ONLY one to occupy it for the next 3 days. I was going to make her understand somehow that I was not comfortable having them there with me. With new determination I opened the door and felt my blood pressure boil over. There on MY BED were more UNWANTED roommates. They turned out to be from some small European country and spoke even less English than the other intruders. They had moved all of my things off my bed to the floor. They were walking all over my clean clothes, eating my energy bars and looking at me like I WAS THE ONE IN THE WRONG ROOM!!

I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t believe this was happening, this kind of thing just doesn’t happen at DISNEY! Finally I decided I needed to do something, I needed to get SOMEONE, ANYONE to get these people out of my room or to move me somewhere alone. I was on the phone waiting to be connected to the concierge when the little girl from Europe (blonde hair, blue eyes, in that awkward stage of an 8 – 10 year old girl) pulls my Duffy Bear out of my suitcase and hugs him tightly, jabbering on to her mother about how she’s always wanted a Duffy and how exciting it is there was one waiting for her in the room. (Don’t ask how I know that’s what she was saying… weird dream knowledge or something) That was it, that  was THE LAST STRAW! That Duffy belongs to ME! The girl and I are in a tug-of-war for Duffy, I am trying to tell the person on the phone what is happening and right as Duffy is about to be ripped in half…

I wake up….every time

So what does it mean?! Why can’t I get past that point and why is it so difficult to go back to sleep?! I honestly hope I don’t have this dream tonight as well… I need some sleep. 😦

One day at a time…

2 Oct

Life is hard.

Relationships are messy.

Hearts are fragile.

Words cut like knives and stay in our minds long after they were spoken.

Tears flow easily, and all too often.

The happy ending feels farther and farther away…

Things that would have brought you such joy, bring knots in stomachs and sleepless nights.

But we can’t let the heartache consume our lives. As hard as it is, and trust me because I’m fighting one now, somehow you find a way to get up in the morning, and to lock away the broken parts so you can function throughout the day.

Little, tiny steps and a big support system help you put patches on your heart. Scars that show you cared deeply for another, that show you’ve given your love away once and someday when you feel stronger, you will do it again.

You deserve to be happy. And so do I. Maybe one day we both will be….