One day at a time…

2 Oct

Life is hard.

Relationships are messy.

Hearts are fragile.

Words cut like knives and stay in our minds long after they were spoken.

Tears flow easily, and all too often.

The happy ending feels farther and farther away…

Things that would have brought you such joy, bring knots in stomachs and sleepless nights.

But we can’t let the heartache consume our lives. As hard as it is, and trust me because I’m fighting one now, somehow you find a way to get up in the morning, and to lock away the broken parts so you can function throughout the day.

Little, tiny steps and a big support system help you put patches on your heart. Scars that show you cared deeply for another, that show you’ve given your love away once and someday when you feel stronger, you will do it again.

You deserve to be happy. And so do I. Maybe one day we both will be….


One Response to “One day at a time…”


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