Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

27 Feb

Sorry this is coming out so late…. I’ve been sick and writing ANYTHING was out of the question.

So, better late than never, here is this week’s “Weekly Photo Challenge!”

Forward can mean a lot of different things. Don’t believe me, just ask the online Merriam Webster dictionary. When I consulted my good friend earlier, here’s what he had to say:

ForwardWell, that clears up a lot…. okay, not really. Which definition should I translate into a photo? Of the six definitions, there were two that obviously stood out the most to me. At this point in my life, I find that I am in a transition phase, moving and growing into, what feels like, a completely different person at times. I am in that age group where I am no longer a student, I live  in the adult world (job, paying for things on my own, making big life-changing decisions), many of my friends are getting engaged and married or they are starting their families. I’m transitioning into a grown-up version of myself and I’ll be honest, at times it’s scary. I don’t like it, but I can’t stop it. You just have to keep moving forward. Which brings me to my photo this week, which was inspired from a long conversation with my dad a few weeks ago.

IMG_4454I know what you’re thinking: “where in the word is she going with this?” And to that I say hear me out and I promise it will all make sense! A few weeks ago I had what can only be described as a mini melt down. I was feeling very low and had misplaced a good amount of my self-confidence. I was doubting my ability to make anything of my life or even my ability to chase my dreams. I don’t exactly remember what started the downward spiral, but it concluded with a puddle of tears, puffy eyes, an empty box of tissues and a heart-to-heart with my dad. These are nothing new, for as many times as we’ve fought over the years, we’ve had just as many, if not more, in-depth, thought-provoking conversations, and this was no exception.

This conversation focused on looking at life as a road, a journey. He told me about how he got to this point in his life, the people he met, the jobs he had, the places he lived. He told me about all the times he changed his mind over the years, how life was unpredictable. Things happened that forced him to change course, other times it was his decision. He said that in life we are traveling down the main road and there are things that happen, with or without out our control, that makes us alter our journey.

There are designated stops along the way, milestones if you will, like graduating from high school and then college, getting that first job, falling in love. Sometimes there are detours, we take the long way to get to a destination. In my life, doing the Disney College program would be considered a detour to graduation, but it’s not one I will ever regret, because had I not gone, look at all the opportunities, friends and self-discovery I would have missed out on. Other times there may be construction on the road, and you are forced to wait until it is your turn to go around so you can continue on your journey. These situations are frustrating and they seem to take forever. In my life, I’d consider this working towards my “dream job” or finding “true, everlasting love.” I know both are out there, and everyday I get closer to them, but I can’t help but feel that a snail in quicksand is moving faster than me on most days. People have told me not to wish away and rush these days, but when I see the happiness of my friends and family, I can’t always stop my heart from asking when it will be my turn. And then there is the dreaded dead-end which forces you to choose a new direction and path. It is at these points in life you have to make a decision, do you go left or do you go right? Which one is the way you should go? Is one better than the other? Will you make a choice and discover miles down the road that it was the wrong one and be forced to turn around? Or will it lead you somewhere you never dreamed would be within your reach? I can’t say what this would be in my life right now, I feel this is one of those situations you can only see after you’ve made the choice and traveled a ways and looked in the rear view mirror to reflect or as you are making a U-Turn.

So for this week, in order to move forward, we have to recognize where we are on the road of life: are we traveling down the main road with cruise control on, exploring a detour, frustrated at the construction block or choosing between the left and right of a dead-end road. Wherever you are, I hope the sun is shining, the music is turned up and you are taking many pictures along the way. And who knows, maybe our roads will cross one day, now wouldn’t that be unexpected! Until then, safe and happy travels friends!


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