To the angry jerk in the ugly red truck

17 Apr

Ever have one of those days where you just need a walk to let go of all the pent-up stress and frustration. That’s been my day. It didn’t help either that in my office I sit beside a large picture window with the sun shining in for 8 painfully long hours (honestly, how is the work day suppose to go fast when it’s that BEAUTIFUL outside?!) and that fact that I have a weather gadget on my computer desktop that was constantly reminding me it was a glorious 67 degrees and mostly sunny day wasn’t helpful either. So when I got home from work, my mom and I decided to take advantage of this rare nice day to go for a walk “around the block.” [Disclaimer, I live in the country, so when I say around the block, I mean making a square on country roads which is about 4 miles…. yup,  just one “block” and no sidewalks.] All was fine and dandy until we met this “pleasant” driver about 15 minutes into our walk who almost ran us off the road while we were crossing a bridge! This is the letter I proceeded to write him in my head during mile two. The best part about this…. we saw the truck again parked at a house at the corner of our road… turns out we have him as a neighbor, lovely.   


To the angry jerk in the ugly red truck,

Let me remind you that we live in AMERICA. We have every right as pedestrians to walk along the side of the road. We were walking TOWARDS you in broad daylight! For heaven’s sake I was even wearing bright PINK in the middle of the afternoon! We were following all the laws of the road! You saw every other driver in front of you go around us…there was no one even on the other side of the road, you had more than enough room to go around us, too. But for you to pull over and yell at us to “Get off the road” clearly demonstrates your lack of maturity, human compassion or general niceness. And here we though we were going to save the day by giving you directions to the highway because you and your nastiness must be from out-of-town. All the other drivers on the road moved over and waved! Next time I suggest you be nicer to the person walking, chances are they won’t be as nice as me…something to think about.


I have just as much right to the road as you do



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