Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

28 May

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself? – The Daily Post

Let me begin this post by saying that I love my name. It is who I am. I can’t picture myself with any other name at this point in life, the personality would be all wrong!

The story behind my name is special. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Hi, I’m Mariah. If this is your first time dropping by my blog, welcome! Pull up a chair and stay a while, we’re all friends here!

Now that you know my name, as I was saying, the story behind it is special to me. I was named after my 3rd great-grandmother on my mother’s side. Let’s break this down…

Mariah (me)

Crystal (my mom)

Judy (my maternal grandmother)

Sophrona (my maternal great -grandmother)

Lelia (my maternal great-great grandmother)

Hannah Maria (my maternal great-great-great grandmother)

My family tree, 4 generations

Part of my family tree, starting with my maternal grandmother’s parents on the far left!

Here’s the story: When my mother was 14 years old, she was working on a family history project for church and came across Hannah Maria (pronounced “mah-RY-yah”, not María like a Spanish name). Right then and there my mom decided that her first daughter was going to be named Mariah (with an “h” so as not to be mistaken for María. From personal experience, it doesn’t help much, people STILL call me by the wrong name, but I don’t mind so much anymore, I’ll answer to anything close.) And low and behold when I was born, my dad didn’t have a say in my name, I was Mariah from the start.

My 3rd great-grandmother

The woman I was named after, Maria was her middle name.

Many people, when they first meet me will first, compliment my name and tell me how beautiful it is. Second, they will ask if I was named after Mariah Carey (“no, no I was not.”) and third, they will start singing “and they call the wind Mariah…” (wow, you are so original, like I’ve NEVER heard THAT one before!)

As I’ve already mentioned above, I would never dream of changing my name now, I’ve grown into it nicely. But when I was younger, what I would have given to have had a more common name like Ashley or Brittany. When all of my friends had cool necklaces or bracelets or pencils with their names on them, I was the odd one out. Oh I came close, María could be found on any of the fore mentioned objects…but that wasn’t MY name. Sure, if I wanted my name on something all I had to do was buy a Mariah Carey CD, but that really didn’t count when you were in middle school. It also didn’t help that whenever there was a new teacher or my name was in the newspaper it was always pronounced/spelled wrong — a few examples: Moriah, Maryah, Maria(_)

Now that I’m older, I’ve discovered just how many OTHER Mariah’s I personally know. I can think of 6 off the top of my head (all spelled the same!) who are my age and older…strange, since I use to think I was the only one out there. And now, you can find my name SPELLED CORRECTLY on just about anything as my mom demonstrated by giving me a mood necklace with my name printed on it this past weekend. I wont lie, I did get excited to see my name on it, and I may or may not have danced around the kitchen.

All in all, I think my name is awesome. Depending on which book you read, it’s a origin is Hebrew, meaning uncertain, God is my teacher, bitter.  If you prefer the Italian origin, a variant of Maria (Latin), it  means “star of the sea.” Honestly, at different times, each of those meanings could be applied to me perfectly!


4 Responses to “Daily Prompt: Say Your Name”

  1. Heather May 28, 2013 at 11:51 pm #

    …as far as having your name printed on items – Heather was *always* sold out.


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