Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

4 Jun

Signs.Funny, poignant, symbolic, incorrect, informative, foreshadowing…there are so many signs in the world. – The Daily Post


I was wondering around Lowe’s yesterday after work waiting for my dad to decide what plants we were going to get for our garden. We left with one package of pumpkin seeds…productive trip, eh?!

That’s when I saw this sign, it was plastered EVERYWHERE in the garden section, you really couldn’t miss it if you tried. Now, I know this was meant to get you thinking about the sun your plants need to grow and whatnot, but like most things I encounter, it spoke to me on a whole different level.

“It’s time to shine” the sign read. Shine in what? My career? My community? In my family? In life?

It’s time to remember the person I am and the better person I’m trying to become. It’s time to hold my head up high and say “I’ve got this!” “You can’t stop me from reaching my full potential!” It’s time to be bright and bold and daring. It’s time to get excited and find adventure. It’s time to let the world see that I’m not broken, I’m not defeated, I’m an original, not a copy and I’m not a failure.

It’s time to make everyone notice I’m on the way up in life, it’s time to SHINE!


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