Friday Funny

14 Jun


Since I’ve been training for the runDisney races, this is kind of the reaction I get when I tell people how far I will be running…without being chased, forced or punished! And to think, it’s even [GASP!] fun!

Needed some time to myself today to think, relax and vent some pent-up frustrations, so I went for a nice little 4 mile run tonight around my neighborhood….no sidewalks, country roads and a couple of big hills. I can tell I haven’t run that course in a few weeks because my legs were killing me and my lungs felt like they were on fire, but I didn’t care because for the 50 minutes I was out there nothing could touch me. All I could focus on was left foot, right foot, inhale, exhale, left foot, right foot, inhale, exhale. My subconscious had a mind of her own as she listened religiously to the songs on my running playlist. At one point she wanted to breakdown and cry because she was feeling sorry for herself and all the things that haven’t “gone according to plan” in her life, but she quickly found out it is painful to try and have a total crying and emotional meltdown mid-run. I am proud to say that together we finished our run with heads held high and tears (mostly) unshed…also doesn’t hurt having all those endorphins flying around! My training is a work in progress still, I’ve been doing a couple Leslie Sansone Walk At Home workout DVDs with my mom, too. Earlier in the week we did one that had a 30 minute abdominal workout after a 2 mile walk, and my abs were hurting 2 days later!

I’m asking you to help keep me accountable to my exercise and healthy eating plans. I’m back to counting my calories and keeping a daily log of what I eat. I’ve decided to make some small changes to my eating pattern, for example, limiting the amount of 2% milk I drink to 1 cup a day (1/2 cup on my cereal in the morning, the other 1/2 with lunch). I’m also trying to drink more water everyday, I have a personal goal of 10 cups of water every day…that’s only 5 16.9 oz water bottles. I am proud to say I hit that goal everyday this week at work, and the girls I work with noticed, too. My thinking is that by drinking more water I can curb my appetite between meals and lesson my chances of snacking.

So that’s how I’m training and trying to get healthy this summer. My next race (10 miles) is the first weekend in October, so I’m hoping to be at my healthiest by then. Do you have any training tips? What healthy food is your favorite? I need all the encouragement and support I can get so I don’t fall off this bandwagon!


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