Haunted Sleepover

11 Jul

Inspired by the sleepover tale I read on The Waiting‘s blog, I felt the need to join the sleepover reminiscing conversation.

My best friend and I had a pattern when it came to sleepovers, alternating weekends between her house and mine. This particular tale takes place while we were camped out at her house. I don’t recall the specific time period, somewhere between eighth grade and freshmen year in high school. I want to say it was sometime during the summer, possibly July, around her birthday?!

As I mentioned, we had a pattern…order pizza with extra cheese and green olives, have it delivered and pray its the cute pizza guy when we open the door, watch 10 Things I Hate About You while unladylike devouring said pizza and quoting the movie word for word between bites. Throw in some gossip about who we were crushing on at the time, some hair styling and nail painting, ice cream sundaes and crashing around 2 or 3 A.M. Typical sleepover for us.

However, on the night in question, a twist was added. It was HER bright idea (and I say this as lovingly and sarcastically as only a true friend can) to watch the movie IT. There are two major things you need to understand about me: 1. I’m not afraid of clowns. I think they are funny and in a weird circus kind-of-way, cute. 2. I don’t handle scary movies well AT ALL. period. The end.

She didn’t tell me what she was putting in, just that it was a movie she knew for a fact I hadn’t seen. Let me set the stage a little: it’s close to midnight, we are the only two in the family room, her family had gone to bed, the dog outside was quiet and the evening had an eerie stillness to it.

I don’t recall much of the movie, probably because I sat huddled into the corner of the couch in as tight of a little ball as I could make myself with my hands over my eyes, wishing I couldn’t hear the sounds coming from the tv. When the movie ended I let out a sigh of relief, I had survived that. The worst was over, we could return to our previously scheduled pedicures and junk food induced comas.

That’s when I heard the floor boards creak. Wait, where did that shadow come from?!? Heart-racing and nerves on edge my best friend and I slowly made our way towards the kitchen. That’s when her younger brother jumped out from his hiding spot to scare us. I’ll admit it, I probably screamed for dear life. He retreated back to his room, he’d had his fun for the evening and we went back to watch a comedy.

And then the scratching on the kitchen windows began. At first we thought he was trying to pull another prank, but sneaking into his room, we discovered he and their other brother were both asleep. The scratching continued. I think it was starting to unnerve my friend at this point too, but she’d never admit it, she always seemed braver than me. Cautiously, looking out the window revealed the old tree in the backyard by the doghouse was to blame for all the racket. Back to the movie we went, ice cream in hand to calm the nerves.

Not much later her dog starts growling and barking and making such a fuss we worried she’d wake the neighbors. Flashlight in one hand, a kitchen knife in the other, we ventured out into the backyard to confront whatever was irritating the dog. (In retrospect, this was rather stupid on our part, but what did we know?) The source of the irritation, two red birthday balloons tangled in the fenced-in dog pen. Those weren’t there 20 minutes ago and we had no idea where they possibly could have come from or how they had gotten so tangled and knotted in the fence to the point that we cut them loose with the kitchen knives. Mission accomplished as the balloons hauntingly floated away into the night sky never to be seen again.

By now we are exhausted and I’ve had about all the excitement I could take at the moment, my poor heart was going to burst if one more thing happened. That was about the exact same time we discovered we were LOCKED OUT of her house!! Everyone is sleeping, we don’t have cell phones and I swear I hear something that wants to eat us lurking in the woods. Thank goodness for spare keys, only problem, it was at the front of the house which meant we had to go trucking through the “jungle” of tall grass and weeds in our bare feet to reach the key. Beware of your step, you never know what creepy crawlers are lurking in the night.

Finally we are safe and sound inside the house and The Boogeyman is locked outside. I don’t know how but my friend quickly falls asleep. I lay awake over analyzing every little noise I heard for the rest of the night, my muscles locked and ready to spring to my feet and flee for my life should the situation arise. Needless to say, I went home later that morning and finally slept peacefully in my bed, comforted by my familiar surroundings.

One may think an evening like that would have me reconsidering overnight stays at my friend’s house, but I returned multiple times after that for more exciting, if slightly less terrifying sleepovers. But that was a night I will never forget…

Zebra Garden

2 Responses to “Haunted Sleepover”

  1. Ashley Austrew July 11, 2013 at 11:43 pm #

    OH MY GOD. I would be so freaked out! lol I am the biggest wimp ever. Scary movies get me every time, even the lame ones.

    As a sidenote, I’m so glad to see someone else participated in “Is the pizza guy hot?” That’s two posts in the link-up now mentioning the time-honored tradition of scoping out the pizza guy. lol

    10 Things… is such a classic sleepover movie. I wish I could pop it in right now.

  2. The Waiting July 12, 2013 at 3:07 pm #

    I was at a sleepover the first time I saw The Exorcist. And by the time the movie was over, I was pretty sure I was going to die that night!

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