Watching History in the Making

23 Jul

For the past 9 months the world has eagerly awaited the arrival of England’s newest royal. Bets were placed – will Kate and William have a boy or a girl? Will the child have red hair? Who will he or she resemble more — mom or dad?

I have to be honest, I was not one of the super crazy people who stocked the social media and tabloids searching for every last detail of the royal pregnancy — I have a life of my own ya know.

But, the last 48 hours I was swept up in the excitement as were many people around the globe. When I woke up Monday morning (5:30 AM EST) the first thing I saw on Twitter was the announcement that Kate was at the hospital. A groggy me wished her a speedy delivery (having never had a child of my own and recently hearing the labor stories of my co-workers and cousins, I really could only go on what I’ve been told about childbirth and that is that it can be long, tiring and very painful).

At the office, we were giddy as we awaited the news of the birth. A radio personality informed me that a prince had been born while I was on my drive home from work. Personally, I felt that was somewhat anticlimactic — she didn’t even sound excited as she shared the joyous news with me. Okay, so we don’t live in England but it’s still something that should be shared with a positive inflection in your voice.  I mean, if nothing else, a new life was brought into the world that wasn’t here the day before and both mother and baby are safe, healthy and resting well.

And that brings me to today….again we were all excited at the office when we heard William, Kate and the royal baby were going to be making an appearance on the iconic staircase outside the hospital this afternoon (well, I guess it was evening over there with the 5 hour time difference.) And so we had our live-feeds going, determined not to miss anything!

Royal Baby, The Lion King Circle of Life momentAs a Disney fanatic, I LOVED this tweet! It really did seem like a Lion King “Circle of Life” moment. While they didn’t hold the little prince high above their heads or have a monkey spread red jelly-goop on his forehead, it was just as meaningful, probably more so as this was real life.

And then the moment arrived and there they were, the beautiful, happy royal family with their new precious bundle!

Prince William, Kate and the royal babyWhile his face was mostly covered, I couldn’t help but find it adorable to see his little fingers poking out above his blanket, waving to the world as if to say “Hello! I’m here! Thank you for celebrating with mom and dad!”

The royal baby

At only a day old, this little prince has no idea of the excitement that surrounded his arrival or the title which he holds. It is amazing to think that one day, this little 8lb. 6oz. baby boy will be King of England, and when the time arrives for his firstborn to arrive, he could be standing on the very steps repeating history as his father has done today.

The Royal Baby

I can’t help but wonder what was going through Kate’s mind. Has it really sunk in yet that she will be raising a future King? In our tech savvy world, I find it amazing that we will get to watch as the littlest royal grows up. (Is this what people felt like when Prince William was born….that was before my time by 6 ish years!) What will it be like to grow up with the world watching your every move? But then again, as this will be all he ever knows, it will be his normal. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this little baby. Knowing who his parents are, I think it is safe to assume we can expect great things from him. I believe they will teach him to be kind and loyal, humility and the joy of giving service.

And speaking of the future, I hope they announce his name soon! In my opinion a name is a very important thing, it is something that begins to define who you are before you are ever aware of it. You grow into in and it molds to reflect you so perfectly that many people can’t imagine ever being called anything else.

My top choices for boys names for the little royal: Alexander, Edward and David.

(Side note: I really hope they don’t choose George, I’ve never liked that name — sorry to any George’s out there who happen to read my blog. I’m sure you are a wonderful person. And it’s okay if you don’t like my name.)   



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