Best day at work…EVER!

19 Oct

Have you ever had one of those days where you were really excited to go to work? Yes? No? Possibly??

Well I totally had that experience on Friday! I work in the Public Relations department for a hospital, and I can honestly say that while healthcare is not where my passion is or where I feel I’ll make a lifetime career, I can say that I enjoy my job because I work with some of the best women you’ll ever meet. Most days we are laughing and singing and sharing stories (most of which revolve around my coworkers husbands and/or kids….sometimes it stinks being the youngest with no kids or hubby of my own) across the office. But back to my point…

As a PR professional, it’s not uncommon for us to go to community events, health fairs, seminars or expos to handout information and giveaways. So when I was asked to go to the Active Adult Expo all day Friday, I knew what it would be like because I had been there last year. It was being put on by one of the local radio stations and was being held in the plaza of one of the grocery stores.

On my way to the expo I was starving, and lucky for me, it was being held right next to a Panera Bread!

Once at the expo, I, thankfully, only had to make three trips back and forth from my car to bring everything in. Doesn’t it look great all set up?
20131020-191724.jpg Finally, it was time to enjoy my breakfast while I waited for the expo to start…20131020-092808.jpg Best way to start the morning! A breakfast energy sandwich and hot chocolate. I highly recommend you try both from Panera Monday morning.

This expo, unlike the others we go to, was rather small, with people coming by only now and again, with big lags in time to fill. When someone did come by, they had a paper like a bingo game card that the venders had to put stickers in to say the person had stopped at each table. When the card was completely filled out, it was returned to the radio station personnel and the person was entered into the drawing to win the bigger giveaways the venders donated. For example, I brought from the hospital a white canvas bag filled with a t-shirt, breast cancer awareness baseball hat, pedometer, little first aid kit, night light, hand sanitizer, pens, a blanket, other small nicknacks and we also had an umbrella with our logo on it. So, really nice giveaway stuff could be won ONLY if the completed cards were turned back in.

And there lies the problem. Most of the people only cared about that sticker and not the information I had on my table. Well, with the exception of the 5 or so people who felt the need to share their medical history with me, a complete and total stranger. (Unfortunately I couldn’t offer much help or advice other than call this department or that department at the hospital because I’M NOT CLINICAL!!)

Well, the expo was to run from 10AM – 3PM and as I mentioned, I learned my lesson last year and brought a book with me this year to pass the time. I wanted something that I could get into quickly and would be entertaining, so I went with “Shadow Music” by Julie Garwood.

The other thing I love about this expo, was the voucher for free lunch from Grinders, a really delicious sit down restaurant there in the plaza. I already knew what I was going to order for lunch before I got to the expo that morning! 20131020-194121.jpg Let me be the first to introduce you to the best potato skins and chocolate and peanut butter milkshake in the land!

Oh and you can’t forget the delicious desert Grinders had sitting out for the expo…20131020-194437.jpg This little chocolate brownie with peanut butter frosting was to die for!

I promise, that’s the last food picture! (Am I making you hungry yet?!) During the expo there were roughly 60 people who came by my table, but most of the time, this was my view:20131020-194959.jpg Yes, my table was located across from the local library branch which gave some of the venders sitting next to me the misconception that I had popped over there and check out a book. Sorry to disappoint them, I told them I’d brought it from home and they wished they’d had my foresight. I think they ended up playing a lot of Candy Crush.

5 hours and 130 odd pages later, it was time to pack up and call it a day! And honestly, who could have asked for a nicer Friday?!

(Side note: I finished my book early this afternoon. It wouldn’t have taken me so long, but on Friday I went to my sister’s last home football game/Senior Night to watch her cheer and dance during halftime. We won 56 – 0, then I went to visit with my cousin after the game and to play with her adorable little baby boy. Saturday was spent looking at cars with my dad, going out to eat with my family and hanging out with my best friend swapping stories. And this morning I went to church. So as you can see, it was a busy weekend with little time for reading until this afternoon! And in case you were wondering, I loved the story and would recommend it! Takes place in the medieval Scottish highlands if that’s your cup of tea as it is mine! And if it’s not, still give it a try, you may find it very entertaining!)


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