Frosty Frolic 5K Recap

31 Dec

Well, this race seemed like a better idea when I signed up for it in November when it was still miraculously still 60 – 70 degrees here….however, when I participated in the event Saturday, December 14th, we were in the middle of a blizzard. 20131217-064252.jpg Lucky for me, I was in good company. Somehow I’d convinced my sister, Macayla, my mom and my Aunt Janet to also participate. Oh, and then there were the other 980 participants crazy enough to be out in subpar weather. 20131224-122037.jpg The race was to take place at a local National monument and park. The original plan was to have the participants run through the park and then loop back to the start/finish line via some of the city side streets. However, with the roads covered in snow and conditions making it hard to see in front of you, city police declared the race must remain within the park limits. Hence our 3.1 miles became 2.73 freezing miles, with a delayed start. The original step off time was set for 5:00PM, and then two days before the race we were sent an email saying the new start time was 5:30PM, the reasoning being something along the lines of making sure all the lights were on.

I have to wonder if this was the first time this committee planned a race. First, they underestimated the number of people who would want to participate by nearly 400! We received another email that stated if you were not within the first 650 to register, your shirt would be mailed to you in 4 – 6 weeks. I honestly thought we had made the cut, I registered myself, my sister and my mom before the first cut off date for when the price was set to increase. But lo and behold, upon picking up our registration packets, the only one to be given a shirt was Aunt Janet. I’ll admit I was a little bummed. Then they kept making an announcement that only the first 1,000 people to cross the finish line would be given medals, again if you crossed after they’d all been given out, yours would be mailed to you in 4 – 6 weeks. Talk about some motivation, right? As if the cold wasn’t enough of a motivating factor already.

The race itself, what a nightmare as far as the races I’ve participated in, while that’s not many (this was to mark my 6th race), I do know a thing or two about how these events should be run for optimal success, safety and fun.

With that in mind, the list of things I didn’t like:

  • There was no order to the participants – serious runners, walkers, moms with strollers and young children, people with dogs – we were all mixed together at the starting line
  • Everyone started at the same time – no delays to spread people out along the course
  • The course wasn’t wide enough to accommodate everyone
  • People were very rude. Moms and their strollers running over your ankles because they weren’t paying attention to what was in front of them. Children (3 – 4 years old) suddenly stopping in front of you because they were “tired”, “didn’t want to do this anymore”, “were cold” – you name it, I heard it. Then there were the runners who started in the back and pushed around you on the right to get to the front, thank you for pushing everyone out of your way, it’s not our fault you weren’t where you should have been. And heaven forbid I forget to mention having my legs almost taken out from underneath me by a dog leash. Night race, black leash, runner coming up on your left, dog on your right, you do the math.
  • Horrible lighting. We were warned of pot holes and manhole covers but there were times you couldn’t see the blasted things!
  • Again they underestimated the number of people who would show up, they ran out of hot chocolate (which was promised with water and cookies at the finish line) before half of the participants returned.
  • The course was extremely slippery. I expected a little bit, but this was not treated at all – no salt, no sand, no dirt – just ice, slippery black ice.


But even with all of that, here’s the list of things I did like:

  • The starting song for the race was “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman” from Disney’s new animated film Frozen.
  • Crossing a winter 5K off my bucket list
  • Seeing all of the beautiful Christmas lights displayed along the route.




  • Everyone received a medal for finishing



  • Frosty character photo before we left.



  • Walking back to the car we passed these adorable snowmen someone made.



20131231-204432.jpgThis snowman stands taller than a 6 foot man!

Before the race began, we had planned to all walk together as a group. However, Macayla and I apparently walk faster than mom and our aunt, we were even keeping pace with some of the slower runners. When we turned around at one point, we could no longer see mom and our aunt.

When we came to the turn around circle and were headed back, we noticed that mom had been separated from aunt Janet, so we decided to wait for her. Once mom caught up to where we were waiting she said she had told aunt Janet to go ahead of her, but Macayla and I never saw her pass us. Weird.

The three of us crossed the finish line together, and ironically, mom’s shoe tag registered that she crossed one whole second before Macayla and I. Really?! Go figure.

All in all, I couldn’t feel my toes when I finished and I was wondering if I had lost my mind as a person who hates the cold with a passion, and I have come to the conclusion that this is a once in a lifetime experience that should never, ever, under any circumstance be repeated. Well, unless there’s a winter race in Florida!


2 Responses to “Frosty Frolic 5K Recap”

  1. playfulpups December 31, 2013 at 10:12 pm #

    Good for you for doing it!! Beautiful pics! It does suck that people had to be rude though…I mean, not neccesary!

    Have a happy new year!

    • mgibbon2 December 31, 2013 at 10:30 pm #

      Thanks for dropping by my blog! I was really disappointed, usually runners, or at least the ones I’ve come in contact with, are really nice. The pictures were taken on my iPod as we walked, I’m thrilled they turned out at all!! And have a happy new year as well!!

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