Valentine’s Day Office Party Invitation

27 Jan

I love when I can use my creativity at work! After the success of our Christmas party, it was decided we needed to have more office parties.

And so, my boss sent me a “top secret” email with the details for our Valentine’s Day party asking me to come up with an invitation.

And for being a Monday morning, I think it turned out awesome! 20140127-191641.jpg I may be a little bias, but I think my little poem rocks! And it only took me three minutes to come up – the hardest line being how to incorporate sign-up to bring food, which funny enough, was the line my boss loved the most!

Then to make it pretty, added a couple photos and a border in Adobe’s InDesign.

I should have taken a video of my boss “delivering” the little invitations, she was so excited, giddy may be a more appropriate word!

Now it’s time to get planning, I may have lost the ugly Christmas Sweater contest because mine became too “cute,” but I’m counting on that particular “skill” to rock the Valentine’s box decorating contest. Plans are already underway – pictures will probably be posted after the party.

In the meantime, send all your hearts, flowers, Cupids and flower inspirations/thoughts my way.


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