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Wordless Wednesday – 3/26/14

26 Mar

I’m just a LITTLE bit excited for my vacation….20140326-161812.jpg

Wordless Wednesday – 3/19/14

19 Mar

Before there was WordPress, there was Lisa Frank and pens……20140319-214959.jpg

Missing the Magic

18 Mar

I can’t tell you what it’s like to work for Disney, it’s something you have to experience on your own – and every experience is different. But this video captures memories that are similar to my own, memories I now treasure.

Everyday I miss being a Cast Member. Being able to see the smiling faces of the guests and know that I was a part of making their vacation special.

Disney family, someday (soon) I’ll be back to make magic with you all!


To see more about the Into the Magic Project, visit their website:

Wordless Wednesday – 3/12/14

12 Mar

Shadow on the wall…friend or foe? 20140312-223802.jpg

Wordless Wednesday – 3/5/14

5 Mar

Holy smokes! Glad I didn’t wait to sign up!