The Baseball Joke

21 Mar

When I was a little kid I told one joke so often I’m sure my parents got really sick of hearing it! Where did I hear it from you ask – no clue but for whatever reason, it became my go-to joke! So for your reading pleasures… I present the baseball joke from my childhood! Enjoy!


Two old men were sitting on a couch watching a baseball game one afternoon. Joe says to Phil, “I wonder if they have baseball up in Heaven.”

Phil answered “I don’t know, but if I die first I’ll come down and let you know.”

To which Joe responded “And if I die first, I’ll come down and tell you!”

Three years later, Phil dies. 

Baseball season rolls around a few months later and there Joe is sitting on the couch watching the game and thinking about the conversation he had with Phil about baseball up in Heaven. And then all of a sudden Phil is standing there in front of him!

“I have some news for you, Joe” he says. “They do have baseball up in Heaven….and YOU’RE UP NEXT!”


**Looking back, not the funnest joke, but still mine! Now it’s your turn, leave me a joke in the comments – I love a good laugh!

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