Today we celebrate you, mom!

10 May

Today we celebrate you, mom. But what IS a mom exactly? From my 26 years of experience, moms don’t come as a one-size-fits-all… but MY mom comes as a one-size-fits-me. 

You see, MY mom is one of the most important people in my life. Over the years our relationship has changed – at first I relied on her for everything from nourishment to clothing to security and love.  

My first picture with my mom! As I got a little older, there were nights when she was the only person I’d want and only she and her hugs could calm my fears or worries and convince me the world would be okay again.  

 Older still, she became my chauffeur to and from activities such as soccer, softball, church group, friend’s houses, school dances and so many other places. She was there at every activity I ever participated in – I could always count on her to cheer the loudest at my accomplishments be it a goal in soccer or a solo in choir. 

When I was troubled, she was my therapist and helped me talk through all of life’s problems. On that historic day when my young heart broke for the first of what would be many times, she provided a shoulder to cry on and reminded me that somewhere out there, someone special was waiting for me, and that he’d love me imperfections and all. Just like when I was a little girl with skinned knees and bumps and bruises, she picked me up, brushed me off and helped put the pieces back together. 

I have learned that it does not matter how old you are, you are never too old for your momma. Every time I have ever been sick or hospitalized, from the first as a terrified four-year-old having a severe asthma attack, to this most recent time last November, I have always been comforted knowing she’s right there, helping me through.

Yes, there have been times over the years when we haven’t exactly seen eye-to-eye, but thankfully those were few and far between.

My mom is like my best friend – she knows all my secrets, worries, dreams and future hopes for life. She’s my biggest cheerleader and my strongest supporter. When I lived in Florida, I called her every single day, I missed her so much.  

 We are very similar, my mom and I – we share a love of reading and singing, musicals, a hatred of math, perfectionism and creativity. We laugh and joke and have our very own unique way of talking with each other and find the same things funny. Sometimes when I answer our house phone, the caller on the other end will remark “wow, you sound just like your mom!” While I don’t think we necessarily look alike, others claim they see the resemblance. 

Someday when I’m lucky enough to have children of my own, I hope I can be at least half the mom my mom has been for me. From stories and magic kisses, to baking lessons and bonding time, there’s no one in this world who knows and loves me like she does. I don’t always tell her how special she is to me or how much I appreciate all the little things she does, but I need to, and will try harder to make her feel loved and appreciated. I love that we are very close and have such a special and unique connection, I know I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today without her love in my life. She has guided me through this journey called life, leading by example of how to treat others with Christ like love and compassion, showing and teaching me a good work ethic and how to one day be a loving and supportive wife and mother. I hope that when people see and get to know me, they will see my mom reflected in my speech, my actions, my attitude and my smile.  

 And while the majority of this post is dedicated to my mom, I want to say a Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful women in my life, including but not limited to my grandma, aunts, cousins, best friend’s moms, my boyfriend’s mom and step mom and the various women I look to for guidance and support at work and at church. Whether you’re a birth mom, stepmom, adoptive mom, spiritual mom, grandma, or “like a mom” to me or someone one else… I honor you today. Have a beautiful day, ladies. You deserve it!


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