The package that almost wasn’t delivered…

8 Jun

Amazon is a dangerous place for someone like me. I love to bargain hunt and find fun things. So when a coworker came in a few weeks ago sporting an adorable Thirty-One purse, I knew I was in trouble.

I had asked her what it cost – and I was saddened to discover that it was part of a special Mother’s Day $20.00 sale which I had missed. In a matter of a few hours, I had convinced myself that since I would be traveling in July and needed a slightly bigger bag to comfortably store my iPad while on the plane, it was going to be a worthwhile purchase.

After seeing how adorable this purse was and all the features it toted, I searched for it on Thirty One’s website and imagine my shock when I noticed the $65.00 price tag! Enter Amazon – my retail hero!

15 minutes of searching, I finally found it – the beautiful purse my coworker showed me! Only this one was a beautiful gray with turquoise trim (her’s is fuchsia).

My fingers tingled with excitement when I clicked the purchase button, and all of that excitement crumbled away when the arrival date said Thursday, June 11th. That was a week and a half away! Why do you hate me so, Amazon?!

The next day while at lunch, my email notification went off  – I’ve got mail. From Amazon! (Anyone else hear the girl from You’ve Got Mail read that line, or is it just me? Dad, that one was for you!!) My fingers trembled slightly when I opened the message – your package has been shipped!

Oh happy day, my package is on its way! Close down the town, start the parade, cue the marching band! Okay, okay, I exaggerate, but in all honesty, I was pretty excited. Before I went back to work I started tracking that package, stocking it from move to more. I’m that person FedEx and the USPS hate, I am CONSTANTLY checking my tracking number to know where it is on its journey from shipping facility to my PO Box.

Here’s where my story takes a dark turn… for three days I watched my package bounce from Central Ohio to Northwest Pennsylvania and then back again. The worst part, when it was in NW PA, it was only 1 hour from my home, all they had to do was drive it over the state line!

Then comes Saturday and Sunday and my package goes MIA for 48 hours. Send out the USPS search squad! And finally, lo and behold, late Monday morning a glorious text message came to my phone – my package had been scanned at the post office a mile and a half from my home, but believe it or not, that’s not MY post office (there’s ANOTHER post office right across the street from my house).

It was decided right then and there, I would be going straight to the post office after work – no stops at home, no detours to Walmart, no delays at grandma’s house. I was a girl on a mission. I had laser focus – I was getting my package today, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Now, please remember that this post office is a mile and a half from my home, but I have never been inside – compared to MY post office, it just felt weird. But the post office lady was nice enough – she sometimes works a shift or two at my post office.

I start off by explaining that my post office was down the road, but I had received the text that my package had been received here and rather than wait for it to be delivered to my post office tomorrow, I wondered if I could pick it up. I even had my license ready for proof of identification. I don’t know how strict they are about handing over Amazon packages to random people!

She jots down my PO Box number and goes to check the boxes in the back. When she says there’s  nothing there, I once again remind her that it was checked in at 11:36 AM by showing her my text and that it would probably be with the other boxes going to my post office. Then she remembers, that post lady picked up boxes during her lunch break. So she makes a phone call down the road.

When she hung up, my heart sank. “She has nothing with that number at her post office. Are you sure it was received today?”

Yes! Yes it was – here’s the tracking!!! – I wanted to shout at the poor lady, but somehow kept my cool. 

Once again she went to check the bins in the back – “did it come via FedEx?” Yes, yes it did! Now we’re getting somewhere!

She pauses searching and thinks for a moment. “What was the last name again?” So I told her and away she hurries over to a bin on the other side of the room and the Heavens parted and the angels began singing as her hand came up holding my box! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Halllllllleluuuuuujah! 

And that’s when she told me the news – “it’s a good thing you came today. This box was marked refused and we were going to send it back to the shipper in the morning.”

YOU WERE GOING TO DO WHAT?! — I once again wanted to shout at this poor lady, but I kept my cool, hugged my box a little tighter and told her how I’d watched it bounce back and forth from Ohio to Pennsylvania for three days.   And then I left, my box safely tucked under my arm.

So much drama for a purse. But it’s a cute purse, so in the end, kind of worth it! Ladies, I know you understand!!

The best part of this purse is you can wear it three ways – as a cross body purse, a side purse or as a backpack depending on where you hook the strap! So versatile! 


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