Fashion Fact ot Fiction: Taping your toes together makes wearing heals more comfortable

21 Jul

When it comes to fashion, I know I’m not the most girly. I would much rather be in shorts and a hoodie any day of the week rather than flowing skirts and flouncy tops. Nine times out of ten you will also find me in tennis shoes or slip on sandals. I enjoy dressing up on occasion, for a wedding or special evening or event, but in my everyday life, it’s too much hassle, especially when it comes to high heels.

Heels and I have gone round and round for years. While I love them and think they are beautiful works of art, in reality they are devices of torture for my poor feet. You see, I have what I consider to be pretty average size feet. 8.5 is respectable, right? However, my feet have a couple of factors working against them as well – first, I have wide feet, which luckily isn’t usually a problem (except when it comes to buying comfortable heels of course!), and second, my feet are terribly flat, the falling of my arches was timed perfectly to the pain happening in my knee…I try really had to forget about my 16th year of life. However, I still on occasion will stuff my feet into an adorable pair of heels and within two hours regret it.

That was UNTIL I happened upon this tick on YouTube for making heels more comfortable! According to the YouTuber and some quick research online, supposedly taping your third and fourth toes (start counting from the big toe) together will alleviate pain in the ball of your foot. Sound crazy? Apparently there is a nerve that splits between those two toes, which causes pain when pressure is applied, for example when most of your weight is supported on your toes while wearing heels. By taping the toes together, that is supposed to relieve the strain on the nerve, allowing for multiple hours of comfort in your favorite sky-high heels.

This brings me to getting ready for work this morning – yes, I do have to dress up for work five days out of the week, on the hazards of being an adult in the professional world. I chose a cute green, sleeveless blouse and a black and white horizontal striped straight skirt. Typically I wear a comfortable pair of black non-slip Sketchers work shoes (aka my Disney shoes), but this morning I was running low on time and I could not find them… and thus I was forced to wear shiny, black, 2 inch heels.



I have had these shoes since October 2014 and I have only wore them half a dozen times because they HURT MY FEET – they pinch my toes together, rub the knuckle of my big toe almost raw and cause excruciating pain on the balls of my feet after only an hour or so. (For those who are curious, I bought them at Sears.)

After having them on for a short time to pack my lunch and then for the 25 minute commute to work (I forgotten how different it is to drive in heels!), my feet were crying out in pain by the time I reached my office. Knowing I would be there only one there for an hour, I kicked them off the moment I sat down at my desk and instantly felt better.

That was when I remembered the YouTube video and her advise to tape the middle toe and “ring” toes together. Digging around in my desk drawer produced a roll of Scotch tape – perfect – and proceeded to pate my toes together. This doesn’t sound like it would be a difficulty process, but it took me two tried on my left foot and four on my right foot to get the tape situated in a place where the sharp edge wouldn’t be cutting into the gap between my toes. Something softer like medical tape would probably be better, but I had to work with the resources I had available!


I couldn’t believe it! After taping my toes and having my shoes on for about 20 minutes, I didn’t have any pain or discomfort on the ball of my foot. And my pinky toe, who is usually squished, had room to breathe for once! I walked around in those shoes for 8+ hours with no problems! However, a word of caution, if you use Scotch tape, I did notice after I took the tape off there was some minor irritation on my toes from where the tape must have come a little loose and started to rub due to the moisture in my shoes.

But other than that, I call this fashion experiment a success! And you can bet the next time you see this girl in heels, my toes will be happily taped together!


2 Responses to “Fashion Fact ot Fiction: Taping your toes together makes wearing heals more comfortable”

  1. amandamcdougall July 23, 2015 at 5:45 pm #

    that is so cool! I have to try this! thanks xx

    • mgibbon2 July 23, 2015 at 5:57 pm #

      Hope it works for you!! Saved my feet all day at work!

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