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Wordless Wednesday – 8/26/15

26 Aug

Welcome to the county fair! 



Timehop Musings

23 Aug

Ever innocently hop onto TimeHop and see a post such as this…


Six years ago on Friday…. I was apparently considering transferring to a new college in the west. Why is this worth musing about you ask, because had I gone the course of my entire life could have turned out completely different.

Imagine this….

Way back in 2009, at the ripe ole age of 20 (a month shy of 21), I packed everything up and moved across the country. Sure it sounds exciting, and who doesn’t love an adventure, but EVERYTHING would have changed from then on.  

I would have been living on campus, therefore I wouldn’t have been commuting everyday for class. I wouldn’t have been in the student center cramming for a test one morning during spring semester where I happened to see a flyer, half hidden behind another mind you, announcing a Disney College Program information meeting for later that night…

Had I not attended the meeting and applied for the program, I potentially could have missed out on an amazing opportunity of working for one of the best companies in the world. I wouldn’t have made lifelong friendships and fell in love. I wouldn’t have run my first 5K, thanks to the suggestion and urging of my amazing roommate, nor discovered running’s therapeutic qualities. It also would have meant not having my heart broke twice and mended once, nor meeting one of my very best friends in the whole world (we are so alike, we should have been sisters) who helped me through the mess and onto better days!

Transferring schools would have also meant my major could have been something other than advertising. If you didn’t know already, I was undecided for a while – taking intro classes in a few different majors until I found one that clicked. That click happened when I took an intro to advertising class with an inspiring professor and the only way to take more of her classes was to declare advertising as my field of study. Not attending the school in my home state would have meant no internship at the hospital, where I then filled in as a part time/casual employe for each of the full time girls’ maternity leaves and was then hired full time when they both returned. Chances are I wouldn’t have developed my graphic design skills for projects like billboards, brochures, social media or t-shirts.

But like every person who has held a coin or a book or a piece of paper knows, there are always two sides to everything. I’ve just shared with you all the stuff I would be missing, but what about the exciting things that could have happened….

Attending this school would have meant living on my own, would have forced me to make new friends and grow up much like the Disney College Program did.

I would have shared a dorm or apartment with a girl I grew up with and all the time together would have been amazing! She may have even got me into running as she was (and I believe still is, just like a good portion of her siblings) into running.

This school would have been closer to my family members in California, and I would have been able to visit with them for holidays and school breaks. And speaking of my California family, my aunt had told me of someone who also attended that school who she though would have been a great guy for me. Maybe, had he and I met, we may have hit it off and become inseparable.

Let’s chase that thought all the way to crazy town…

He was probably a couple years older than me, and when he graduated he would have proposed and I would have instantly said yes! 3 months later there would have been a beautiful wedding and 6 months later we would have been announcing the upcoming arrival of our first little bundle of joy.

School would have been put on the back burner for a while. I’m not even sure what I would be studying; political science, sociology, creative writing, homemaking…

Neither path was right or wrong, both would have offered unique opportunities. But looking back with hindsight, I’m very glad I didn’t transfer, there are things I may not like about my life today, but I wouldn’t trade the journey for anything as it’s turned me into the person I am today, who is so lucky to have the love and support of such wonderful people.

Anyone else out there ever find themselves wondering “what if I’d made this choice instead”…. or am I the only one?

Say Everything

20 Aug

Say everything. Put it down on paper. Let your thoughts flow without editing them. Don’t think…just write. Forget spelling, grammar, punctuation. Let go of your control…let the words flow from your mind to your pen (keyboard). Write fast. Anything. Everything. Something.

Let your pen express your deepest desires, darkest fears, dearest wishes. Let it be your voice, your friend, your escape. Express the feelings too long that have been locked inside. Let go of the sadness, the pain, the jealousy, the loneliness.

Just be you. Write until you feel drained and then write some more. Empty your emotional cup, every drop into the words on the page.

*I was cleaning off my desk and discovered what is written above scribbled on a piece of scrap paper. I wrote those words a few years ago based on the style of my letters. I don’t remember what this was for – a writing prompt, a homework assignment, a way to deal with something happening in my life at the time. All I know is that piece of paper and those words survived and speak volumes about how I view writing, how I like to think many great writers view it as well. 

Wordless Wednesday – 8/19/15

19 Aug

Beach babes! 


Sunset Lake Walks

18 Aug

There is nothing quite as relaxing as taking a sunset walk at the lake. Where I live, I am lucky enough to be within 15 minutes driving distance of two state parks and 3 minutes driving distance within a third state park. It was the latter where my mom and I found ourselves this evening. 

We enjoyed a 1.19 mile stroll along the “Boardwalk” as the sun sank lower in the western sky, painting the heavens pink, orange and shades of purple. Tonight the path was quiet, with only one other fellow walker out to enjoy the view. (About said walker, what we could not understand was why he was smoking a CIGAR while exercising?! Isn’t that counterproductive?!) 

During our walk mom and I had some quiet time alone to just chat…our special bonding time! We’ve come a long way with our bonding time since my days of high school when I would need to talk to you about all of life’s ups and downs way past 10 PM when all you wanted to do was sleep. Hahahaha!

Tonight at the lake was just what I needed to clear my mind and help me refocus on the exciting things to come next week and to let go of the situations I can not change. Nothing like nature to help you once again feel grounded and centered and at peace. I only wish I were a painter so I could capture the beauty all around me!   


Bitter-sweet Friday

14 Aug

Today is Friday, a bitter-sweet Friday. This morning I unlocked the doors to my office at the hospital for the last time. I clocked in for my last shift as a hospital employee in my office that is empty of all personal artifacts and signs that I was ever here. Today I will set out instructions and information for my replacement. At 3:00 PM today, I will close one chapter and begin to open a new and exciting one. These past three years have taught me so much about myself and brought to light dreams, goals, ambitions I didn’t know I had. I was privileged to work with some amazing people – together we laughed, cried and celebrated with each other; they are my work family and I will miss them the most. A hospital setting was never where I saw myself long term, but I am thankful for all of the experiences and lessons I’ve had. Life is about transitions and growing and stepping outside of our comfort zones, and I am eager to see where life’s journey takes me next! For those curious to know where I will be transitioning, I will reveal all soon, but for now, I’m not telling.

Wordless Wednesday- 8/12/15

12 Aug

Trying to remember to live in the present….