Say Everything

20 Aug

Say everything. Put it down on paper. Let your thoughts flow without editing them. Don’t think…just write. Forget spelling, grammar, punctuation. Let go of your control…let the words flow from your mind to your pen (keyboard). Write fast. Anything. Everything. Something.

Let your pen express your deepest desires, darkest fears, dearest wishes. Let it be your voice, your friend, your escape. Express the feelings too long that have been locked inside. Let go of the sadness, the pain, the jealousy, the loneliness.

Just be you. Write until you feel drained and then write some more. Empty your emotional cup, every drop into the words on the page.

*I was cleaning off my desk and discovered what is written above scribbled on a piece of scrap paper. I wrote those words a few years ago based on the style of my letters. I don’t remember what this was for – a writing prompt, a homework assignment, a way to deal with something happening in my life at the time. All I know is that piece of paper and those words survived and speak volumes about how I view writing, how I like to think many great writers view it as well. 


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