Happy International Coffee Day…or not

29 Sep

Happy International Coffee Day, just kidding, I don’t drink coffee! I tried it a few times and quickly discovered I just didn’t have the pallet for such bold flavors. And it’s not just steaming cups of joe, it’s the iced varieties, too. But don’t get me wrong, I adore the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee at the office. (Fun side note, while my sister received a Keurig for Christmas a few years back, it’s not used all that often. Or maybe just not when I’m home, who knows! And yes, both of my sisters like coffee.) I actually reminded my whole family about today’s Java holiday.  

 Group messages are fun!

And now, because I don’t know of an International Chai Tea Latte Day, may I present you with my hot beverage of choice from today and most other days, too. 

I love Oregon Chai – my dad actually was the one who introduced me to chai tea. One day he picked up a package of vanilla chai tea latte by mistake, thinking he had grabbed a box of the original. After trying a cup of the vanilla chai tea latte and deciding that he didn’t like the flavor, he gave the box to me to take to work and I’ve been hooked on it ever since. 

It tastes like fall in a cup and what could be better than that?! The smell is inviting. Flavors of cinnamon, Ginger allspice and vanilla exploding in your mouth! While drinking it you can’t help but have a warm, fuzzy feeling as thoughts about fall, jumping in the leaves and carving pumpkins fill your mind. 

This my friends, is what I consider to be the perfect morning jolt! The packaging is also very interesting, telling how the company founder brough chai tea back to The United States from the Himalayas and how they use all natural ingredients. I also like how they provide different ways to enjoy this drink – hot, cold or extra creamy! And apparently if you visit their website, you can find recipes for different meals using chai tea. This is something I haven’t tried yet but I’ll look into it eventually.



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