Christmas decorations, work and happy faces

2 Dec

For as far back as I can remember, I have always loved Christmas decoration! The last few years I have enjoyed decorating my office space at the hospital with window clings, garlands and lights. But now I have a new job, no window and a cubical in the middle of the public space. I began missing my old office and its beautiful decorations. How was I going to make my new space festive and joyful for the 40 hours I am here every week?!

The answer came a week before Thanksgiving when our front receptionist (who is my work BFF and is also new to our office) began clearing out a cluttered closet. A short while later an email went out stating everything sitting in the hallway was up for grabs and if it was still there Friday it would find a new home at Goodwill. Curiosity got the better of me, after all the hallway in question is a mere two feet from my cubical. And much to my surprise, I found these little gems waiting for me among all the junk!

For about a week and a half they sat all alone on top of my cabinets. Every time I looked up they made me smile, but I was still lacking that warm fuzzy feeling of decorated offices past. And so I tempted Mother Nature’s hand and hung some snowflake ornaments that I also rescued from the hallway! My space was instantly made-over into a glittery Winter Wonderland!

And yet, something was still missing. Lights, I needed twinkle lights! So on an evening run to Walmart for a space heater for my desk (did I mention my office FEELS like a Winter Wonderland because it’s FREEZING?!), I bought some multicolor indoor-outdoor Christmas lights for my desk! I held off putting them up until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I had grand plans of waiting until December 1st, but I was excited to see how it would look!

Finally, it feels like Christmas when I sit at my desk, space heater keeping my toes cozy while I sip on steaming hot chocolate.

The Christmas spirt is catching, the receptionist decorated the front office beautifully after she saw my creation! Everyone who walks into our office now comments on how inviting we’ve made the space look!

And to top it off, our Secret Santa gift exchange began this week – we’re doing it a little differently than I’m use to, doing one gift a week until the week of December 17th when we have our office party and big reveal. I’m use to dedicating one week to giving gifts with the reveal on that Friday. Oh well – this keeps the excitement going all month long I guess, and my first gift was waiting on my chair when I came back from a brisk walk during lunch on Monday!

I’ve kept my own Secret Santa in suspense for a couple days wondering when it will appear. Now I have to find a sneaky time to get it into their mailbox when no one is watching! I think it turned out cute and rustic! I hope they’ll like it! I put together a matching one for mom’s Secret Santa gift at her work, too!

How’s the Christmas Spirit where you work? Are you overly excited to decorate like me, or are you more of a Scrooge?



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