Monday night piano concert

14 Dec

How are you spending your Monday night? At the moment I am enjoying my own personal piano concert on Periscope played by Mr. Gijs van Winkelhof.

I love listening to his scopes, you never know where the music will take you. For example, he started with Carol of the Bells, transitioned into some Disney songs, White Christmas, and currently we are being serenaded with Star Wars. And I don’t know how he does it, but the songs all transition so seamlessly into each other.

What is even more amazing to me is the fact that he takes requests from those watching the scope and they determine most of the songs he plays! He has no music in front of him, plays them all from memory. And a few weeks ago I learned during one of his broadcasts that he taught himself to play when he was younger – never had a lesson!

NOW HE’S PLAYING HELLO BY ADELE – IS THERE ANYTHING HE DOESN’T KNOW?! This is lovely to listen to. So peaceful and relaxing.

I absolutely love piano music, and there’s something so magical about listening to an artist play live halfway across the world. If you couldn’t tell by his name, Gijs lives in Holland. And that brings me to something else that is truly wonderful, had it not been for Periscope and technology, I would have no idea he exists or how gifted he is on the piano. It’s amazing to know there are people out there who are willing to share their gifts and talents with perfect strangers in different countries.

I could listen to him play all evening, and on a few separate occasions I have done just that. He took my request to play At Last I see the Light”  from Disney’s Tangled! Stunning, just stunning!! And now music from The Haunted Mansion, music from my attraction when I was a Cast Member – this music will forever have a special place in my heart!! HE EVEN MANAGED TO MAKE IT SOUND SPOOKY!!!

For me piano music is an escape, I’m quickly transported into the music. Stress and worry from the day melt away and I find I am lost in the melody and harmony of the tunes.

And after an hour of playing, he’s finishing with a song he wrote himself. Just lovely!

*This post has taken me all evening to write as I found myself swept up in the moment listening to the soothing piano sounds. Do you have something that makes you stop what you’re doing so you can fully submerge yourself in the beauty and wonder of what you are experiencing? And do you know of any other musicians I should follow on Periscope?!


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