Unconventional writing space

6 Jan

When it comes to having that “perfect” place for writing, my space may surprise you a little. You see, sometimes I craft witty posts from my bedroom at late hours of the night, other times I’m documenting the little every day wonders of life at a picture window during my hour-long lunch break at work, but more and more frequently, like this morning, I find myself with fingers flying over my keyboad with words effortlessly flowing while sitting in my car waiting for the work day to start.

That’s right, I’m blogging from my PARKED car. I absolutely hate to be late to places, especially when it comes to getting to work on time, so on work mornings I leave my house an hour before my day starts. I do this for a couple reasons, I have a 30 minute commute and most of it is freeway driving, and you just never know when an accident will delay your arrival at your final destination.

Typically, I am parked at my office 30 mintues after leaving home. Before the weather turned chilly I used those extra 30 minutes to walk the track, stretch and relax my mind before heading into the stresses of the day. Now that the windchill is below freezing, I wondered how I would find that same zen mindset to start my morning.

The answer was no surprise – writing. I began bringing my tablet with me and discovered that from my car in the parking lot I was able to connect to the wifi and a new world opened!

So why my car you must be asking. Well, let me tell you:

1. No interruptions. I don’t know about you, but when I’m lost in the words I want to express and I’m planning out the direction before I execute, I hate when people start talking to me. More times than not, that thought fades away like smoke in the wind. I could go into hte building, but then I risk someone asking my about my evening or weekend plans, or thinking I’ve started my work day already and bombard me with a million questions I don’t want to answer for another 15 minutes.

2. The Radio. This one may seem counter-productive at first, but I find it so easy to write with a little music in the background. I mentioned in a previous post that I have started listening to a local christian radio station to charge my batteries and provide that uplifting feeling my day needs. While I’m out here writing, the radio is still pumping out those beautiful, inspiring songs, be it on a slightly quieter level than when I was driving – I still need to be able to hear myself think as I type.

3. I’ve already planned out my post. That’s right. All morning my mind is churning over what I can write about next. Was there something funny that happened last night? Did I finish a goal that I want to document? Did I have a profound dream others might be interested in? I am always working on the next idea, and when I have a topic I don’t want to forget about, I just need to put fingers to keyboad and get it down (see above for what happens to those lost thoughts).

4. It let’s me start my day creatively. Creativity pulses through me. I love crafting with words and photos. I’ve also dabbled in sewing and a tiny bit of painting and clay. But of all of those, the one I love the most and comes more naturally to me is writing. I have noticed that as the day progresses, opportunities to be creative start to slip away and I regret not taking those little moments and using htem productively. And when I start my day doing something I love, I am more centered.

There are other reasons, including watching the sun rise and enjoying the quiet before the storm of the work day, but those will have to wait as it’s time to go clock in.

Do you have an unconventional writing space? Tell me about it in the comments below!


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