The journey of a snowflake

8 Feb

Have you ever wondered about the amazing journey water drops go on? I am today as I eat lunch in my new favorite spot (I was booted from my office picture window a few weeks ago, then migrated to the faculty/staff lounge where I didn’t fit in, then I resorted to eating in the backseat of my car, and last week I discovered this common stace inside one of the dorms on campus. So here were are!) 

Just think about it, there was a water drop that started in a lake in England and get evaporated into a giant storm cloud that blew out to sea. The storm deposited the the little drop in the middle of the ocean where it floated around and played with the sea creatures for a while and got splashed back and forth by a cruise ship. That little drop eventually found it’s way to the north American continent where it was evapporated once again. On it’s journy back to the ground, it froze into a unique snowflake and landed here on campus. 

Maybe that’s giving water too much credit, but why couldn’t it happen? There are wind and water currents. And besides, it’s fun to think this could be an international snow storm!  

Just another small way we are all connected. We share the water. The snow. The clouds. The air. The sky. 

That’s my random Monday lunchtime thought. What’s yours?! 



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