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It was the first time, but not the last – A short story

29 Jun

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last. At least that’s what everyone had told me leading up to today, some way to calm my nerves, huh.

Breathe. Just breathe.

A nightmare I’d been late caused me to wake up before my alarm clock this morning. I sure could have used those 45 extra minutes of sleep, but oh well now. It’s almost time.

Focus. Concentrate. 

Before leaving, I checked my confirmation email, the weather and the traffic report no less than three times, and had to change outfits because my jitters caused a lovely glob of toothpaste to land on my strategically selected blouse.

I hope that’s not omen for how today will turn out. Stop. You can’t think about that right now. 

Unable to sit still any longer, I left home an hour early, and thank goodness I did! A fallen tree from last night’s storm created a detour that sent me 15 minutes out of my way.  But I made it, and with 15 minutes to spare. Flipping down the visor, I check my make-up once more. Please don’t let there be lipstick on my teeth or running mascara!

Surprisingly, no make-up was out-of-place. Even my untamable hair was on its best behavior still.

See?! You’ve got this! 

I concentrated on my breathing exercises, needing to calm my thundering heart. One, two, three… Resting my head against the seat rest, I slowly inhaled and exhaled, feeling my lungs expand and compress.

Oh no! I forgot my purse! My bag!

Crisis averted, they are both sitting on the floor of the passenger seat. To ease my worried mind, I check inside my bag.

Cover letter? Check.

Resume? Check.

Portfolio? Check?

There was no time left to stall – with ten minutes before my scheduled meeting I entered the building and found reception. She looks friendly enough, I think I’d like it here.

Hello. I have an interview at 9:45 with Mr. Lewis…


More than just a photograph

25 Jun

There’s this beautiful, simple photo that hangs in my office conference room; it’s just a rock wall with the most lovely display of wildflowers growing behind. Adding to the atmosphere of the room, I love that the designer thought to paint the room in a calming orange.

While waiting for a meeting to start yesterday morning, I stared at this photo and found myself wondering about the story behind it and the photographer. How did the photographer find this beautiful spot – did they grow up with this scenery in their backyard? Go out walking and happen upon it? Find it during a romantic get-away with that special someone? Or was the photographer trying to focus their lens and this was a convenient spot?

What about this spot itself? How many people have walked by and never noticed the beauty? Never  stopped to smell the flowers or soak in the sun’s rays while sitting on the little wall? Is this anyone’s special place? What event’s has the wall and flowers seen – love? Heartache? Proposals? Photo shoots? Those feeling lost or helpless? Those who are weary and needed a safe place to sit?

And then I wondered about what’s behind the photographer, opposite the wall and wildflowers. A matching wall, maybe? A field with sheep and goats? A street filled with Mom and Pop shops? A rock cliff leading down to the ocean? A country cottage?

What if there photographer’s real purpose for being in this spot was what was behind him or her when this photo was taken, and they just happened to turn around to see the wildflowers dancing in the wind and enjoying the sunshine on their happy faces?

When I picture my happy place, my  sanctuary from my troubles and worries, it looks a lot like this photo. As crazy as it sounds, I wish I could jump into this photo and sit on the wall for a few hours. I want to have the aroma of the wildflowers fill my senses and have the sun warm my skin. I want to watch people watch or maybe lay down and read a book.

I’m curious to know, what do you think about when you see this photo? What emotions does it stir in your heart? Do you want to visit the wall with me?!


Wordless Wednesday – 6/15/16

15 Jun

Feeling like a milkmaid! 

Wordless Wednesday – 6/1/16

1 Jun

New life!