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I’m a plant grandma!!

25 Aug

Back in April, one of my great-aunts brought aloe “pups” to our annual spring family scrap (scrapbooking event) as her giveaway for the table. Since I had to work an event that weekend, I was unable to go. However, my Aunt Nita knew her plant wouldn’t make the long journey home, and so she lovingly gave it to me! He was so tiny and frail in his little styrofoam cup – I couldn’t wait to plant him in a sturdy pot!

I wasn’t sure if he’d survive. During my lunch hour I researched “how to care for your aloe plant.” I watched YouTube tutorials and read gardening blogs. I discovered my little plant was pretty hardy and only needed to be watered every two weeks.

Each morning I would check on my little plant, talking to him and encouraging him to thrive in his new environment. Scott thought I was crazy talking to the plant, we even gave him a nickname, Al. I became a proud plant momma when he showed signs of new growth! Over the last few months he has tripled in size, with new little shoots growing every-couple-weeks.

And within the last month or so it finally happened – our aloe plant grew three “pups”! A pup is a new plant that grows from the roots of the mother plant. According to all of the research I’ve done, the pups need to be separated from the mom, because sooner or later they will start to compete with the bigger plant for nutrition and space.  I’ve been meaning to separate our three pups, but I just kept putting it off.

Tonight, I was at WalMart and on a whim decided to see if the gardening section was on Clarence yet. As luck would have it, I bought gardening gloves for $1, a small pot like the one our plant is currently in for $1.50 (I think the original price was $7) and two medium size pots for $2 each. And luckily we still had a few bags of potting soil left over.

I was confident that after watching countless videos and reading numerous blogs I could divide the pups from the mother with no problems.


After a little bit of digging and fancy maneuvering, the mother and pups came free from the pot. I lost a few roots in the process, but I wasn’t overly concerned. From my research I learned aloe don’t need many roots to survive when transplanting. Thank goodness for that! Then it was just a matter of putting everyone back into his or her own pots. The big plant moved to a larger pot so he’ll have a chance to stretch and grow some more.


From one plant to four – the story of how I became a plant grandma in a matter of minutes. It’s so exciting to have a new generation of young plants to watch. Once again I pray they each thrive and grow and enjoy their home in our hallway window garden. I love having so much green in the apartment – apparently aloe purifies the air and brightens one’s mood. Can’t get any better than that!

Are you an aloe parent, too? What are your plant tips and tricks?!


Wordless Wednesday- 8/24/16

24 Aug

There’s a storm rolling in…

Late to the party…

22 Aug

History repeats itself….once again I am late to the Harry Potter party. On the bright side, I’m late by 22 days and not by three books!

The first time around, I had a painfully hard time getting into Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I read the first half of that book twice before my mom (a middle school English teacher) finally convinced me to keep reading at least until the trio of friends made it to Hogwarts. She knew if I got to that part in the story I’d be hooked, and like most times in my life, she was right.

This time… Nine years later… I was once again hesitant to pick up the newest edition to the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Not because I feared it would be a dull read, rather, because it was written as a play. I am not opposed to plays, in fact I love watching them very much, reading them, however, has not always been entertaining. Need I remind every one of senior English and the lessons on Othello, Romeo & Juliet and the countless other plays I have honestly blocked from my reading memory either because they were confusing or painfully boring to read. 

But I am happy to report that today, no more than 30 minutes ago, I have finished the eighth Harry Potter story.


I picked up the last copy my local WalMart had on Saturday evening. As I was checking out, the clerk, making small chat, commented that she was also currently reading the story. Admittedly, I shared that I was worried about reading a play for pleasure. She went on to explain how that didn’t bother her after a few pages.  I found this to be true myself, so did my mom, who also started reading on Saturday.

As I emerged myself into the story, I couldn’t believe that I had not seen or heard any details about the plot. If you are looking for spoilers, you won’t find them here! I was completely surprised with characters and choices and locations each time I turned a page. And after a few pages, I completely ignored indication of who was talking on the page – I recognized the characters through their words.


This story introduces the next generation and answers the question many Harry Potter fans were left wondering at the close of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – what happens next?! It was interesting to see how time had changed our beloved characters, they were older, some were parents and everyone was trying to thrive in the post-Voldemort world.

Like all the other books (bar the first half of book one) this is a page-turner, one you won’t want to put down until you’ve finished. A wide range of emotions will occur as you read – confusion, surprise, shock, anger, happiness, just to point out a few. Be prepared to go on a wild ride – the magical world you thought you knew has a few secrets and surprises in store. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

And now that the last word on the last page in the latest Harry Potter book has been read, it is time to place this book next to the others on my shelf. And maybe I’ll make some extra room, maybe in another nine years J.K. Rowling will surprise us with a new addition – Harry Potter and the Great Grandchildren….


But until then, please excuse me as I go book my tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theater production in London, England, sometime in December 2017. According to this New York Times article, the production, which lasts for 5 hours and 15 minutes,  won’t be coming to the States for quite some time and has already sold out through next May! Oh well….I love to travel and England just so happens to be on my list of places I’d love to see!