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Wordless Wednesday- 8/24/16

24 Aug

There’s a storm rolling in…


Wordless Wednesday – 12/9/15

9 Dec

Breath-taking sunset from Sunday night. No filter was needed.


Wordless Wednesday- 9/2/15

2 Sep

My morning view on my new commute to work…stunning sunrise! 

*This photo was taken while I was completely stopped at the traffic lights. All laws of the road were followed to achieve this shot.


Sunset Lake Walks

18 Aug

There is nothing quite as relaxing as taking a sunset walk at the lake. Where I live, I am lucky enough to be within 15 minutes driving distance of two state parks and 3 minutes driving distance within a third state park. It was the latter where my mom and I found ourselves this evening. 

We enjoyed a 1.19 mile stroll along the “Boardwalk” as the sun sank lower in the western sky, painting the heavens pink, orange and shades of purple. Tonight the path was quiet, with only one other fellow walker out to enjoy the view. (About said walker, what we could not understand was why he was smoking a CIGAR while exercising?! Isn’t that counterproductive?!) 

During our walk mom and I had some quiet time alone to just chat…our special bonding time! We’ve come a long way with our bonding time since my days of high school when I would need to talk to you about all of life’s ups and downs way past 10 PM when all you wanted to do was sleep. Hahahaha!

Tonight at the lake was just what I needed to clear my mind and help me refocus on the exciting things to come next week and to let go of the situations I can not change. Nothing like nature to help you once again feel grounded and centered and at peace. I only wish I were a painter so I could capture the beauty all around me!   


Wordless Wednesday – 7/22/15

22 Jul

Gotta love those country summer sunsets!   

Wordless Wednesday – 9/10/14

10 Sep

Awe, thanks Siri. 🙂


I Believe I Can Fly!

2 May

Right now I am TRYING to blog from 10,000 feet above the ground (I think I’ll have to upload this post from the ground because the inflight wifi is not loading anything!) I couldn’t be much happier at the moment, I LOVE flying! The take off, the landing, the adrenaline rush! At an earlier age I even wanted to be a flight attendant.

But what do I love most about flying you ask….the view! It’s breath-taking and I find myself getting emotional every time I fly. Camera on hand I love to capture God’s creation from a unique perspective. The sunsets are more captivating, the colors are bold, and the beauty is all around.

I’m most excited to see the mountains! The state I live in doesn’t have those beauties so I enjoy them every chance I get! We are flying over the foothills right now, and about 15 minutes ago I could make out the shape of my home state as we crossed the river dividing it from the state to our south. I also spotted a lake in the shape of a heart, so naturally I took a photo!

I just looked out the window as I sipped my Ginger Ale and noticed we are inside a cloud. If this moment were a cartoon movie where anything could happen, realistic or not, I would be the character who opened the window and went cloud surfing alongside the plane. I think it must be storming on the ground below us, this cloud is very dark.

So what do I hate the most about flying….at the moment it is the woman sitting next to me hacking up a lung and hogging the middle arm rest (not kidding here, she pushed my arm out of the way and I’m not going to say anything because 1 it really doesn’t matter and 2 she’s older than my grandmother). But If I get sick during my vacation because she keeps coughing on me I will not be happy camper.

I didn’t get to see the mountains, the clouds were too thick, so fingers crossed that I’ll spot them on the way home.

Got to Atlanta at 8:18. Arrived at Gate C7 and had to walk 500 feet to Gate C9. And now I’m back on board plane #2 10 minutes later…oddly enough, in seat 17a, the same seat as my previous flight. Take off is scheduled for 9pm, about 15 minutes from now. And sadly, it’s too dark to see anything. I’d watch “Wreck it Ralph” on my iPod, but its about to die. Not my luck. This flight is a little more than an hour, maybe I’ll take a “nap” since I only slept about 2 hours last night, but I probably won’t, still too excited to sleep!20130508-060851.jpg