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My kind of Saturday

2 Jan

Happy first Saturday of the new year! I celebrated by staying in my pjs (shorts, tank top and the boyfriend’s hoodie – what is it about wearing HIS clothes that is so wonderful!? Ladies, please tell me I’m not the only one who finds such joy in this simple thing!) all day while curled up in the recliner with my blanket and new book.

I recently found a 2016 reading challenge floating around Facebook and have decided to try to accomplish it! And what better book to start with than one I just got for Christmas from my sister Megan!

Requirement: Read a book you own but have never read

Undeniably Yours, by Becky Wade


Short review: Rich heiress meets handsome cowboy. Attraction. Drama. Blast from the past threatens to take it all away.

I know, I know that tells you nothing….let me try to give you more details while keeping you guessing! I hate when someone spoils a storyline for me, so I definitely don’t want to do that to you, dear readers!

When we first meet Megan (Meg) Cole, we learn that her father has recently passed away and that she has had to return home to her fathers estate (which is now hers) and to take up her rightful place as the head and majority share-holder for Cole Oil, the oil empire that has been in her family for generation.  She is prone to anxiety attacks, doesn’t feel confident of her place in the world and is working on her relationship with God, asking him to show her the path he has for her life.

Bo Porter is the handsome manager of Whispering Creek Ranch. He has been given a notice that he has six months before the ranch is to be closed, and while he should hate Meg for her decision, he feels a powerful drive to protect and comfort her, to be a friend and someone she can lean on.

Meg’s world is turned upside down again when a stranger and her child show up unannounced one night on her doorstep reminding her of the dark days of her past. She spends many nights wrestling with honoring her father’s wishes for her future and living a life doing something she loves, something that helps others and worships God.

Adventure, drama, love, romance, friendship, soul-searching and peace can be found within the pages of this book which takes place in the heart of Texas. And as I recently discovered, it is the first in the Porter Family Novels! From what I could find on Becy Wade’s website, there are two more stories about the Porter brothers that I must now get my hands on!

I would highly recommend this book and am excited to read more of Becky’s work. I connected so easily with the characters and their struggles and triumphs. This is a story that I will come back to read many, many times!