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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

11 Jun

For this week’s photo challenge we were to show a fleeting moment..a moment that almost passes before we recognize it’s even there. On The Daily Post blog, the author describes it as those “quiet, precious moments between the ones we love.” I wasn’t sure what moment I wanted to capture, my new nephew smiling and giggling, my dog looking out the window, waiting for his favorite humans to come home, the wonder and excitement of a little kid seeing Disney World for the first time, or the look of love on the faces of an old couple when they think no ones watching. There are so many moments I could think of, but then a summer photo opportunity presented itself over the weekend in a lucky-I-was-ready kind of shot!


My little sister and I had been sitting on our front porch for maybe 40 minutes or so waiting for this little hummingbird and his friend to reappear. They had been out there all afternoon socializing at the feeder, but you know the moment you want to take a picture, they instantly become camera-shy and fly off somewhere, never to return. Or so we thought…

Macayla was turned around talking to me when this little brave one returned, and I had the iPad ready! I have never taken photos so quickly, and most of them turned out terribly blurry as a result of my carelessness. When Macayla realized I was no longer paying attention to her story, she turned to see what had captured my attention, and this beautiful shot was taken moments before our little friend flew away for the night. But I’m not sad, he’ll be back, they always come back, it’s just a matter of watching and having the camera ready!