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Little steps, good vibes

5 Jan

I will be the first to admit that I have a tendency to turn molehills into mountains. I know I worry about things other people wouldn’t bat an eye at and I know I lock up my troubles and fears until I’m at a breaking point.

This year I want to change that. I want to be more relaxed, to go with the flow, to let go of the little things. I read somewhere a quote about additude, it was about constantly choosing happiness, positivity and to be a positive force of good in the world, so that’s what I’m trying to do.

I figured the best way to change my outlook on the world was to first start with the outlook I have on myself. Good things in, good things out, right?!

Every morning I start my day with a big glass of water with breakfast. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not worth it to drink my calories and they say that a glass of water first thing in the morning helps to wake you up and jump start your metabolism. Sometimes for fun, I’ll add one drop (you really don’t need a lot!) of peppermint essential oil for a refreshing taste.

My drive to work used to stress me out also; it’s a new drive with more time spent on the expressway. And once at work, it’s trying to learn new processes and procedures, learning the ins and outs of a new work and team environment and trying to find where I fit on the already established team. I had no idea how draining that would leave me feeling at the end of the day. So to counterbalance both of those, I found a local christian raido station. The music fills my soul and recharges my batteries. I feel empowered to take on the world, or at least my little piece of the world that is.

Finally, my sleep schedule has been suffering lately and I realized it’s because I stopped exercising during the busy holiday season. But no more  excuses of being too tired after work, my waistline can’t keep expanding! One of my favorite workouts is the at home walking workouts by Leslie Sansone. I was so excited to find this 5K walk with a power boost on YouTube. I’ve used this workout twice now and it really gets your heart pumping, which for me allows for a more restful night’s sleep, allowing me to wake up in a better mood and more likely to make better choices through the day.

I’m hoping that as the days and weeks progress, these little things will become part of my natural routine and that I’ll be able to add more positive habits into my daily life.

What steps do you take to have a better day, life and outlook on the world? I’m still early on my journey and would love to know what’s worked for you!


#BeastMode – crushing FitBit goals

5 Aug

I crushed my 10,000 step Fitbit goal today! Realized hours later I did 10 miles in my runDisney Tower of Terror 10 miler shirt! Must have been some subliminal Disney magic pushing me on! This was the first time I have gone a distance of double digits since my half marathon, runDisney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon last November!


101 Things I Want To Do Someday…..

15 Nov

Okay, let’s be honest now. Most of us have probably started making our own version of a “Bucket List” or an “I Want To Do All Of These Things By The Time I’m [insert specific age here]” lists… So here’s mine. It was actually an assignment for one of the classes I took during my Disney College Program a couple of years ago and I just recently found it!

It’s like having a mini time capsule of my 2010 – 2011 self….. I will warn you, some of these are pretty out there and I KNOW I will never, ever get the chance to do them, but that’s not what’s important here. Also, near the end I was getting pretty desperate (hey, it’s harder than you think to come up with 101 things and not repeat. Don’t believe me, give it a try!)

So, without further a due, I give you “101 Things I Want To Do Someday”…..

  1. Graduate from college with a Batchelor’s Degree in Advertising in August 2012
  2. Buy my own car
  3. Buy my own house
  4. Find my true love
  5. Get married
  6. Have children
  7. Adopt a child
  8. Go full-time with the Walt Disney Company
  9. Visit Disneyland
  10. Visit Euro Disney
  11. Visit Tokyo Disney
  12. Visit Hong Kong Disney
  13. Wear a size 8
  14. Exercise regularly
  15. Swim with dolphins
  16. Attend a masquerade ball
  17. Take a Zumba Class
  18. Attend the Olympics
  19. Go scuba diving
  20. Have a spa day
  21. Ride in a hot air balloon
  22. Sleep under the stars
  23. Run in a 5K
  24. Run in a 10K
  25. Run in a half marathon
  26. Run in a full marathon
  27. Learn to play the violin
  28. Learn to play the piano
  29. Sing at a karaoke bar
  30. Complete the Iron Man Triathlon
  31. Take horseback riding lessons
  32. Learn to figure skate
  33. Learn to play tennis
  34. Learn to say “Hello” in 50 languages
  35. Learn conversational Spanish
  36. Learn to salsa dance
  37. Learn to ballroom dance
  38. Swim with the sharks
  39. Go sky diving
  40. Race in a sports car
  41. Go on a cruise
  42. Visit The Grand Canyon
  43. See the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
  44. See the Amazon Rainforest
  45. Walk The Great Wall of China
  46. Visit all 50 states
  47. See The Leaning Tower of Pisa
  48. See The Eiffel Tower
  49. Visit all 7 continents
  50. Live in a foreign country for six months
  51. Learn how to perform magic tricks
  52. Learn to juggle
  53. Publish a children’s book
  54. Finish my scrapbooks
  55. Get my journal caught back up to date
  56. Make a list of 100 books to read
  57. Allow myself to make mistakes
  58. Discover my life’s purpose
  59. Learn to say “No” without feeling guilty
  60. Get my masters degree
  61. Make a difference in at least one person’s life
  62. Write a letter to each of my children telling them what I want them to know about my life and the lessons I’ve learned
  63. Watch turtles hatch and run for the ocean
  64. Go whale-watching
  65. Find inner peace
  66. Learn to forgive easily
  67. Take up Yoga
  68. Learn to meditate
  69. Ride a gondola in Venice
  70. Discover what truly makes me happy
  71. Go inside the Great Pyramids
  72. Take a candlelit bath
  73. Watch a lightning storm at sea
  74. Take a midnight walk on the beach
  75. Reach my goal weight
  76. Be an extra in a movie
  77. Tell someone the story of my life, sparing no details
  78. Learn how to take a compliment
  79. Send a message in a bottle
  80. Write the novel I know I have inside me.
  81. Stay out all night dancing and go to work the next day without having gone home (just once)
  82. Be someone’s mentor
  83. Shower in a waterfall
  84. Spend New Year’s Eve in an exotic location.
  85. Overcome my fear of failure
  86. Drive a convertible with the top down, hair blowing in the wind and music blaring
  87. Scuba dive off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
  88. Reflect on my greatest weakness, and realize how it is my greatest strength
  89. Perform a kind deed to at least 5 strangers without expecting anything in return
  90. Get a complete makeover (change everything, from hair style, hair color, image, clothes) and get a different look:  one which I would never have thought of trying!
  91. Knit a scarf
  92. Fly first class
  93. Visit and photograph a volcano
  94. Visit a castle in England
  95. See the Mona Lisa in Louvre (Paris)
  96. Visit the birthplace of my ancestors
  97. Take a martial arts class
  98. Have a star named after me
  99. Learn to surf the waves in Hawaii
  100. Be part of a flash mob
  101. Stay In The Best Suite

So, as you can see, I’ve still got a L-O-N-G ways to go… but it’ll make for exciting adventures in life! And I’m sure that as time goes on, things will get added, subtracted and altered on my list. One thing is for sure, I can’t wait to see which number I’ll be able to check off next!

How’s your “Bucket List” coming along?! I’d love to know what you’ve accomplished and what you still have to check off! Let me know in a comment!

Celebrating Little Victories

26 Sep

Let’s get the hard stuff out of the way first…

I have been MIA from my blog for awhile now. I’ll be honest, I have been dealing with a lot of stress and the constant worrying managed to drain away my passion for writing. I couldn’t find the words, and even when I could, there was no motivation to tell you what I was thinking, feeling, experiencing. And even now, I find each word to be a struggle. But I refuse to be silenced by my own fears and self doubt any longer. I AM STRONGER THAN THIS PAIN.

You will now be returned to the previously scheduled blog!

When times are hard, I have often heard people say things like “count your blessings,” “look on the bright side,” and “every cloud has a silver lining.” I’m adding one to this list, “count your little victories.”

Tonight’s victory comes in the form of my goal for a healthier life. A few months ago I mentioned that I started working out and I may or may not have mentioned that I attend Zumba classes with my mom every Tuesday and Thursday. I have been watching what I eat (and no, this does not mean I watch the food on the fork as it makes its journey to my mouth.) I make conscious, healthy and delicious decisions about what food (aka: fuel) I put in my body.

The results after 3 months of dedication are starting to pay off…I have lost 20.8 lbs and it’s just the beginning! I have such a fire in my gut now, I love going to Zumba, I love that feeling of calm, peaceful accomplishment at the end of class. I love how every week the movements become easier and I become more in tune with myself. I KNOW I CAN DO IT!!!

So now, when life throws the unexpected into my path, I know I am strong enough to pick up that boulder and crush it into harmless pieces. I am taking back control of my life, my destiny, my dreams. This is my story, and I decide the plot.