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This little piggy went to market and this little piggy….

29 Jun

Was the star of the pig roast!

pig roast

Okay, so the real star was my cousin Eddie as it was HIS graduation party and the REASON behind said pig roast, but still.

Growing up in my family there are certain things you learn at a very young age:

  • It does not matter if you are wearing a shirt with your name on it, you will be called by all of your cousins’ an siblings’ names before you hear your own
  • You WILL be a Buckeyes football fan (I’m pretty sure we bleed scarlet and gray)
  • You will look forward to summer because it means it’s time for another PIG ROAST!

Now, I was especially excited for today because I MISSED the last pig roast (which was my little sister’s graduation party) because I was still on the Disney College Program living in Florida, and it was more important to me to get the time off to be at her actual graduation than to be at her party weeks later. (That doesn’t mean I didn’t pout a little when I was told all about it and saw the pictures on Facebook, I KNEW the deliciousness I was missing out on.)

My uncle has a special grill that he uses to cook the pig in…don’t ask me HOW he cooks it (well, for this party he was out of town, so the task was handed over to my grandfather and one of my cousins) because I couldn’t tell you. I just know that when it’s done it’s got a smoky flavor that is to die for! And we don’t JUST have pig, we include a turkey as well, because why not?!

pig roast and turkey roast

Now when the pig is ready, make sure you are standing close enough so that you can grab a piece of skin while it’s toasty hot! Trust me, the crunch and the flavor will be worth it! My cousin Mandy and I are pros at getting the first couple of pieces!

cousins at the pig roast


You don’t like pig you say. Don’t worry…. there’s always plenty of other food to enjoy as well! Believe me, when my family throws a party (and if you happen to actually KNOW my family, you’ll know we don’t even really need a REASON) we do it right – I’m talking taco salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, broccoli cheese rice, oriental salad, veggies, fresh fruit, deviled eggs, and who knows what else you could possible eat. Don’t believe me, take a look for yourself:

pig roast food


Okay so before you think the only reason I like pig roasts is because of the food, let me remind you that I have a VERY close-knit family (on my maternal grandmother’s side) that loves to socialize and we have get-togethers often. I’ll be honest, I love spending time with my family. They are some of the loudest, craziest and most wonderful people I know. It’s so much fun just standing around talking and hearing about everything that everyone has been up to. Yes, you could argue that because we are all on social media we already know how they are doing or what exciting things are happening, but it’s not the same as having a face-to-face conversation with someone, you never know what tangent you’ll get off on!

At the party today, I saw my cousin and her family (husband and 3 little kids all under the age of 6) who live in another country, but are back for a couple weeks because her sister is getting married on July 6, 2013! And I got to see another cousin’s husband and 2 of their kids (she and the baby are still in their home state until later in the week, but they will be here in time for the wedding as well).

And we can’t forget all the bonding time I had with my nephew who is 7 weeks old already! Oh how the time flies! I love being an auntie! He’s such a cuddle bug! Already he is trying to stand and climb up your body and over your shoulder!

Aunt and baby nephew

Needless to say, it was a great afternoon, filled with delicious food and wonderful company!


Wordless Wednesday – 6/26/13

26 Jun

Flower power


Desperate times, Desperate measures…

5 Sep

Desperate times call for Desperate measures…

I’ve heard of a War dance, a Mating dance, and a Rain dance.

Does anyone know if there is an


LOL…. and can you please teach me the steps?!

Let the job hunt continue!

**For the record, I am searching for Advertising/Public Relations/Marketing/Communications jobs in Orlando, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. So if you know of ANYTHING (I’m not picky!) please let me know! I will FOREVER be grateful!  

Things That Make Me Smile

16 Aug

Tonight as I’m getting ready for bed, I wanted to share a list of things that have really made me smile in the last couple of days.

It’s been an emotional week. Prince Taylor went back to Disney, graduation and searching for a full time job in a much warmer state, has me feeling like I’ve been living on an emotional roller coaster.

So here’s my list:

1. Phone calls and text messages from my favorite guy! I love him so much, and today we just happen to be celebrating our 1 1/2 year anniversary! Where has the time gone?!

2. Cards in the mail. I love getting snail mail! (when it’s not bills!) and today I got the sweetest graduation card from Prince Taylor’s mom. I am also very grateful for the other cards and gifts I have received for graduation. I will be writing my thank you cards sometime this weekend.

3. My co-workers and supervisor. I started working at this job as an intern in April and was hired as a full time temporary hire in June (covering for 2 different maternity leaves) and they have been so welcoming. I don’t think there has been a day where I have not laughed AT LEAST once while at work. They are a great bunch of girls and I feel so blessed that they have taken me under their wings and taught me so many things I didn’t have the opportunity to learn at school.

4. Sister bonding time!! I love my little sisters with all my heart, and as we have gotten older, we have gotten closer. Tonight we had some bonding time after I got home from work. And while they just needed someone to vent life’s frustrations to, I’m glad they choose me to listen. I would do anything for my little sisters, including attempting to lighten the mood with my terrible drawing abilities.

It’s suppose to be a pig and I have decided to name him Pickles. 😀

5. Finding hearts in nature. I found this PERFECT heart leaf on a tree at work last Wednesday… The same day Prince Taylor moved into his Disney apartment. I sent it to him. It made me smile, wanted him to know I was thinking of him and that I was missing him terribly.



6. My bed. And on that note, I think it’s time for sleep. 5:36am (yea, I know I’m weird, but we all have our quirks!) comes way to early!! Sweet dreams fellow bloggers! 🙂

Zzzzzz……… 😀

Happening Now!!!

11 Aug

Sitting in graduation RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT!!!


This is my view…..


More to come! Stay tuned dear readers! 🙂


Waiting to walk….


I walked at 2:50pm!!!



Turning the tassel!!


My family!!!!


With my sisters!





Hoppin’ a ride back to the car with Papa!


Party time!!!! Here’s only SOME of the yummy food!!


And my cake!!!!


And look!! A new monkey to add to my collection! He sings “school’s out FOREVER!!!!!” I think we will be very good friends!


Overall, it was a great day! Thank you to everyone who helped me get to this point! For being my rock, my teachers, my leaders, my friends, an encourager, a helping hand along the way. I didn’t achieve this on my own, I have had a wonderful support system of family and friends pushing me to reach my goals and to never give up on my dreams.

Betty Crocker Wanna-Be to the Rescue!

8 Aug

I have felt so stressed lately. Graduation is Saturday, followed by a [going to be small because everyone has plans or is out of town] party.

Then there’s trying to find a full time job. And not just anywhere, but somewhere that gets less than 5 inches of snow a year.

And today Prince Taylor and my friend Beth from high school checked in for the start of their Disney College Program. All day long my heart flip-flopped between excitement for them and this adventure, jealousy because I wasn’t with them, and sadness because it has been over a year now (by 4 days) since I worked my last shift in Magic Kingdom. But mostly, I was anxious to hear what’s changed in a year.

Then my little sister texts me during lunch to inform me that she is getting a pay raise at my old college job. She will now be making $0.10 more/hour than I am at my current job. How is that possible? I thought a college degree was suppose to help with that somehow? Did I mention I’m looking for another job?! 😉

Add to this the stressful phone call I had to make 30 minutes before my work day was over. Needless to say, because I was the messenger bringing the bad news, I also got the individual’s anger. This was my first not so pleasant experience at this job and I think I handled it well. It was nice to know my co-workers were on my side, too!

So when I got home, I wasn’t in the best of moods. I was feeling sorry for myself, which is stupid when so many people are dealing with issues much worse than mine. Sometimes, you just need to throw a pity party and get over it.

Enter my little sister, Princess Megan, carrying this deliciousness!!! She made these last night on a whim.


They are called Frosty S’more Cups. Check out the recipe here!!

It’s like tasting Heaven on a spoon!! Rich chocolate, cool temperature, crunchy crust.

Just the pick-me-up I needed tonight! Thanks little sis!

One Month Left!!!

11 Jul

Today makes exactly ONE MONTH until my college graduation!! I went rummaging through my parent’s closet and found the robe my dad wore 5 years ago when he got his bachelors degree. I put it on and felt slightly ridiculous… why are the hats square? Is there a reason? Anyways, I’m going to wear his robe, it beats spending money on my own when they all look the same.

And speaking of graduation, I don’t know what to feel about it! Should I feel:

  • Excitement?!

  • Joy?!

  • Loss?!

  • Freedom?!

  • Anxiety?!

  • Nervousness?!

  • Overwhelmed?!

  • Dread?!

  • Scared?!

  • Worried?!

  • A little bit of everything?!

For those who have graduated from college, what did you feel?! Am I over-thinking these feelings? I know  the end of the “school-days” chapters of my life are nearing the end and I’m having a difficult time sorting through all the emotions. I feel like I’m saying goodbye to a part of my identity… since I was 5-years-old I have been a “student”, so what will I be now?

The world awaits and the page is blank in my book of life. It’s time to write a new chapter and continue the adventure. Now where did I leave my pen?!