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Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

8 Mar

Many of us now have phones that are a lot more than just phones — we’re walking around with some pretty powerful cameras in our pockets at all times, poised to freeze moments both sublime and mundane. This month, The Daily Post celebrates the art of phoneography and the cameraphone’s ability to go where DSLRs fear to tread. – WordPress

As I don’t have a smart phone, I will be participating in these challenges using the camera on my iPod touch.

Welcome to my Kingdom, my little part of the world, fondly known as Farmersville or No-Mans Land, U.S.A. As much as I’m longing to move to a warmer, sunnier climate, this is where I grew up and it will always be a part of me. So, welcome, make yourself at home and enjoy exploring my hometown!


A farm I pass on my commute to and from work


The volunteer fire department where my uncle is the chief


The little community church where we go to Christmas Eve Service with my extended family. My maternal grandparents were also married here 53 years ago!


The sunset from our family room window