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My little secret

8 Jan

I love wearing an outfit for the first time, and today was one of those super special days. For Christmas, my sister Macayla gave me a mauve/maroon sweater and two scarfs to match and I was waiting for the weather to turn chilly again so I could wear it.

With today’s high being the low 40’s, I couldn’t pass it up! I layered the sweater over a long, lacy black tank top and paired it was jeans and boots. Then I opted for the blue, purple and gold scarf as an accent. Can I take a moment to express my love of jeans Friday – they happen every week at my new job and you don’t even have to donate $5 or wait for payday! It’s the little things in life that excite me!

While I was styling my hair, I remembered a pair of delicate sapphire earrings I had received for my birthday one year hiding in the bottom of a jewelry box. They have slight gold trim around the gems and would match my outfit perfectly and tie everything together! I’m honestly not a big fan of gold, I don’t wear it often because I don’t like the way it looks with my coloring, but I made an exception because I love these earrings.


When it comes to earrings, I have a love-hate relationship all because of an innocent that happened when I was 4-years-old…

Way back when, when I was in pre-school, it was a few days before Christmas, and this little boy who my mom tells me was my very best friend, gave me a pair of dangly horse earrings. (Side note, my mom had my ears pierced on black Friday when I was a baby.) According to mom, I loved those earrings and wore them all the time, but I also had a tendency to tug on them. Now I don’t know if that’s because I was a little kid and didn’t know better, or if they were hurting my ears because they were heavy than the plactic studs I typically wore of teddy bears, but whatever the reason, I ended up tearing the hole in my right ear. To this day, it’s a little slit and not a nice hole like the left side, but I may be the only one (until now) who has noticed. 

So after I ripped my ear, my mom took out my earrings and let the holes heal and close. I didn’t think anything of it until I was about 10 or 11 when I discovered a pack of earrings in a desk drawer and decided to put them in the random holes in my ears. (For years I had only worn clip-on, pretend earrings.) I remember the sting of pushing through that thin layer of skin that covered over the holes and then the earring was in, and ever since, I’ve worn earrings intermittently depending on my mood. 

To this day, earrings still someetimes bother my right ear if I leave them in too long or if they are made of cheap metal or if they are too heavy. I have to be very careful selecting earrings for this reason. But the adorable sapphire earrings weigh nothing – it would be as if I was wearing no earrings at all, which has been my mood lately, I honestly just can’t be bothered to do my hair and choose cute earrings all before 9 a.m., it’s gotta be one or the other, because I am not, I repeat not, a morning person by any means. But for whatever reason, the need to feel completely put together because of my new outfit, I opted for styled hair and adorable stud earrings. 

These earrings are dainty – you look at them too strickly and I fear they will fall apart on the spot, so I was trying very hard to be careful as I put them in. I started with the right ear and it went in smoothly, I even got the teeny tiny back on on the first try. Time for the left ear….not so smoothly. As I was putting on the earring back, it went on crooked and got stuck. Slightly panicked, I tried to remove the back for 10 minutes and even consider waking up my sister, who was the only other person home at the time, to help me, but I didn’t think she would appreciate that very much, so I lovingly let her continue to sleep.

FINALLY, I got the back off and removed the earring to give my ear a moment to breathe. There was no way I was going to go another round with that earring back and risk the same thing happening all over again. I removed the other earring and started searching for a different set of backs that would work. No such luck. The backs I found wouldn’t fit and I was running out of time before I needed to leave for work.

That’s when I remembered, my mom once told me that she had lost an earring back while at work, and instead of taking out the earrings, she simply used a piece of eraser to hold the earring in place until she got home. GENIUS! I  ran for my desk and found a pencil with an unused eraser that I proceeded to cut into quarters. Taking two of the circles, I used them as makeshift, comfortable and secure earring backs. Best part… no one at work was the wiser! It was my little secret!


Do you have a hack for creating custom, comfortable and hidden earring backs? Tell me all about it in the comments below!


Haunted Sleepover

11 Jul

Inspired by the sleepover tale I read on The Waiting‘s blog, I felt the need to join the sleepover reminiscing conversation.

My best friend and I had a pattern when it came to sleepovers, alternating weekends between her house and mine. This particular tale takes place while we were camped out at her house. I don’t recall the specific time period, somewhere between eighth grade and freshmen year in high school. I want to say it was sometime during the summer, possibly July, around her birthday?!

As I mentioned, we had a pattern…order pizza with extra cheese and green olives, have it delivered and pray its the cute pizza guy when we open the door, watch 10 Things I Hate About You while unladylike devouring said pizza and quoting the movie word for word between bites. Throw in some gossip about who we were crushing on at the time, some hair styling and nail painting, ice cream sundaes and crashing around 2 or 3 A.M. Typical sleepover for us.

However, on the night in question, a twist was added. It was HER bright idea (and I say this as lovingly and sarcastically as only a true friend can) to watch the movie IT. There are two major things you need to understand about me: 1. I’m not afraid of clowns. I think they are funny and in a weird circus kind-of-way, cute. 2. I don’t handle scary movies well AT ALL. period. The end.

She didn’t tell me what she was putting in, just that it was a movie she knew for a fact I hadn’t seen. Let me set the stage a little: it’s close to midnight, we are the only two in the family room, her family had gone to bed, the dog outside was quiet and the evening had an eerie stillness to it.

I don’t recall much of the movie, probably because I sat huddled into the corner of the couch in as tight of a little ball as I could make myself with my hands over my eyes, wishing I couldn’t hear the sounds coming from the tv. When the movie ended I let out a sigh of relief, I had survived that. The worst was over, we could return to our previously scheduled pedicures and junk food induced comas.

That’s when I heard the floor boards creak. Wait, where did that shadow come from?!? Heart-racing and nerves on edge my best friend and I slowly made our way towards the kitchen. That’s when her younger brother jumped out from his hiding spot to scare us. I’ll admit it, I probably screamed for dear life. He retreated back to his room, he’d had his fun for the evening and we went back to watch a comedy.

And then the scratching on the kitchen windows began. At first we thought he was trying to pull another prank, but sneaking into his room, we discovered he and their other brother were both asleep. The scratching continued. I think it was starting to unnerve my friend at this point too, but she’d never admit it, she always seemed braver than me. Cautiously, looking out the window revealed the old tree in the backyard by the doghouse was to blame for all the racket. Back to the movie we went, ice cream in hand to calm the nerves.

Not much later her dog starts growling and barking and making such a fuss we worried she’d wake the neighbors. Flashlight in one hand, a kitchen knife in the other, we ventured out into the backyard to confront whatever was irritating the dog. (In retrospect, this was rather stupid on our part, but what did we know?) The source of the irritation, two red birthday balloons tangled in the fenced-in dog pen. Those weren’t there 20 minutes ago and we had no idea where they possibly could have come from or how they had gotten so tangled and knotted in the fence to the point that we cut them loose with the kitchen knives. Mission accomplished as the balloons hauntingly floated away into the night sky never to be seen again.

By now we are exhausted and I’ve had about all the excitement I could take at the moment, my poor heart was going to burst if one more thing happened. That was about the exact same time we discovered we were LOCKED OUT of her house!! Everyone is sleeping, we don’t have cell phones and I swear I hear something that wants to eat us lurking in the woods. Thank goodness for spare keys, only problem, it was at the front of the house which meant we had to go trucking through the “jungle” of tall grass and weeds in our bare feet to reach the key. Beware of your step, you never know what creepy crawlers are lurking in the night.

Finally we are safe and sound inside the house and The Boogeyman is locked outside. I don’t know how but my friend quickly falls asleep. I lay awake over analyzing every little noise I heard for the rest of the night, my muscles locked and ready to spring to my feet and flee for my life should the situation arise. Needless to say, I went home later that morning and finally slept peacefully in my bed, comforted by my familiar surroundings.

One may think an evening like that would have me reconsidering overnight stays at my friend’s house, but I returned multiple times after that for more exciting, if slightly less terrifying sleepovers. But that was a night I will never forget…

Zebra Garden

The noise you NEVER want to hear at the dentist office

10 Jul

It has been raining here for three and a half weeks, nearly every single day. This is not typical for our summers and at this point it’s really starting to get annoying. So Mother Nature, having a sense of humor decided to throw a little twist into the weather today…

It appeared to be a typical Wednesday at the office until we noticed the morning sky getting darker instead of light. The mood out on the street was eerie, my boss (jokingly I hope) described the scene as that of a Stephen King movie (to this day I’ve only seen one of his movies and that was not by choice). We waited but nothing happened. No rain. No wind. No lightning. Just as quickly as it got dark, the sky cleared and we saw this mystical object in the sky. If I remember correctly it’s called the sun (insert angelic choir).

The day continues without any other surprises until about 2:00PM when we discover that it is not only somewhat sunny outside, but it’s pouring down rain as well (wish I would have thought to look for a rainbow…sure could use a pot of gold). Then the sky lets loose and the flood gates open. There is so much rain, as if we need anymore at this point. That’s when we got the call, “severe weather in the area (really, I had no idea!), be prepared to take shelter if necessary.”

Great. Here it is 2:45PM, pouring down cats and dogs, I get off work in 15 minutes and I’m going to have to go out in this! Apparently my mental complaining got through to the higher powers because by the time I clocked out, it had magical stopped raining ad then just as magically started to pour 5 minutes later when I got to my dentist’s office.

Since my appointment wasn’t until 4:00PM I decided to just hangout in the waiting room for an hour instead of venturing out into the rain to kill time. While sitting there reading my book (“Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert), I must have gotten the same three severe weather alerts on my phone 10 times each at least. I am not kidding when I tell you I received an alert every two – three minutes….the exact same messages: severe thunderstorm, flash flood warning, tornado watch. I had been getting said messages for an hour already.

Finally try call me back to get my teeth cleaned. Now, I’m not one of those people who hates going to the dentist or gets all worried and bent out of shape. The only thing that really bothers me is the sound of the cleaning instruments against my teeth. To me it sounds like they are destroying my teeth rather than cleaning. And since it has been a really long time since my last appointment and because of all the craziness happening with the weather I was a bit on edge today.

Amy, who was cleaning my teeth, was very nice. She and the rest of the office workers were tuned into the radio listening for the weather alerts. When I came into the room she told me that since her back was to the window, to let her know if I saw the trees blowing sideways, so we could hightail it to the basement. (Thinking to self: “okay, how am I suppose to do that while I am laying down with my head tipped back, looking at you while you clean my teeth?!”) I laughed and prayed, “please, please, please let this go fast.” That was probably the wrong thing to pray for…

Amy had just finished cleaning, scraping and hacking away at my bottom teeth when we heard it. The town tornado sirens going off. This is not a test. Do not panic, this is not a drill. then we overheard one of the other office ladies say her husband text her that he saw the funnel cloud touch down. Well, you don’t have to tell us twice, we were heading to the basement. I didn’t even know my dentist office HAD a basement, but I was thankful for it today!

Picture this: two patients, one for a routine cleaning, the other to fix a broken tooth on her birthday of all days, sporting our dentist bibs, each halfway through our appointment in the basement with four dentist assistants. The dentist went outside (I don’t know why!!) to check the sky and when he returned, he brought my dad with him, who had been waiting for me in the car.


So here I am, half my teeth cleaned, hiding out in the basement…you can’t tell because I’m smiling, but I’m freaking out.

We were down there for 30 – 40 minutes waiting out the storm and the tornado. The sirens went off twice more. FREAK OUT EVEN MORE!! Thank goodness for cell phones and data plans or we would have had no idea what was happening in the outside world. I texted my mom and found out she and our dog were holed up in the basement at home. Of course I had to Facebook about the unfortunate timing of the tornado, some of the comments made me smile (“at least it was a cleaning and not a root canal!” or “guess you’ll have to only smile halfway now” — thanks for that one mom!)

Finally, we got the all clear to go back upstairs with the goal of finishing our appointments before the next round hit. I am pleased to say we succeeded….however, as we were about to leave the office to make a break for the car, you’ll never guess why we heard. the tornado sirens….AGAIN!! you know where this is going…back to the dentist’s basement we all go.


At least this time, I have a full set of clean teeth and the other lady has a new tooth. And there we all are, sitting in the same place we were not 30 minutes earlier. Only this time, the power went out, thank goodness for backup generators or we would have been sitting in the dark. Another 20 – 30 minutes passes before we can leave and stupidly I think nothing else can go wrong, we are home free now! Mother Nature had other plans…

Just trying to get out of the city took forever!! There were emergency personnel everywhere!

The normal route we take to go home was flooded and blocked off by a police officer, so we had to take a detour. Have a look:



What would normally take 25 minutes to get home, took nearly an hour tonight. We passed so much flooding. One house was surrounded by water. Rivers were overflowing. Fields were drowning. The ground is just so saturated there is nowhere left for the water to go. Imagine a sponge that just can’t hold anymore water, it’s just dripping all over everything, that’s what we are dealing with.




We pass by this house that has a lake in the front yard, today the lake was so full, you couldn’t tell where the grass ended and the lake began…it just looked like one majorly flooded yard.


Luckily we made it home in one piece, our yard and driveway surprisingly weren’t flooded and the rest of the evening was uneventful. We were suppose to go to my grandparents’ house for my cousin’s birthday dinner tonight, but the festivities have been delayed as both of her parents (her dad is the chief) are on our volunteer fire department and they were out on multiple calls with many roads having to be closed due to flooding. Party has been moved to Thursday night!

Next time I got to the dentist, I really hope its boring and nothing to write about because I NEVER want a dentist or any other appointment for that matter, to be that exciting, ever.