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Blogtember – A Catch-up!

8 Sep

First off, I’d like to thank The Daily Post for writing a whole post about the different blog events going on and providing useful links to them! It was thanks to that post I found the Blogtember Challenge on the blog Story of My Life and thought, why not?! Unfortunately, I found this post a few days after it started and decided I’d just do one LARGE catch-up on everything I’ve missed!

So, away we go!

September 3, 2013 –  Describe where or what you come from.

I wrote this when I was in high school but I think it still applies:

Where I’m From

With gratitude to George Ella Lyon


I am from a hairbrush,

The computer and a single rose,

Deep red and elegant, standing tall and proud.

I am from the Carousel Theater and sliding into third base, breaking my ankle.

I am from chocolate and my radio,

From Diamond and the beach.

I’m from once in a blue moon…

And everyone saying, SHUT UP! When they are excited.

I’m from Wonder Woman and Hermione.

I’m from pickles and olives.

I’m from my mom, my dad, and my grandparents.

I’m from stardom and a singing career. 

September 4, 2013 –  If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do? (bonus points for fun photos.)

I would travel to all the places I’ve only been once and to all the places I’ve always dreamed of seeing – the latter list includes England, Scotland, Italy, Australia, South America, the list is endless!

September 5, 2013 – Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered.

My mom always says this to my sisters and I: “If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day. But if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”

Basically, in order to succeed in life, we need to learn to become self-sufficient, independent individuals. Yes, it’s nice when other people are there to take care of you, but what happens when the day comes when someone isn’t there to do those things anymore? Will you know how to go on? I think I will, and it’s got a great deal to do with my mom…and dad. 🙂

September 6, 2013 – A story about a time you were very afraid.

I’m not really sure what story to share…. my Not So Sweet 16th Birthday comes to mind….

Then there was the time I was caught in a terrible thunderstorm at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

And when we found out my little sister had cancer. — yes, this one had me the most afraid because even though we fight from time to time, I’d be lost without her! And I’m happy to report that her scans are clean and we couldn’t be more excited! 🙂

Phew, now that I’m all caught up, fingers crossed I wont get behind again!

The noise you NEVER want to hear at the dentist office

10 Jul

It has been raining here for three and a half weeks, nearly every single day. This is not typical for our summers and at this point it’s really starting to get annoying. So Mother Nature, having a sense of humor decided to throw a little twist into the weather today…

It appeared to be a typical Wednesday at the office until we noticed the morning sky getting darker instead of light. The mood out on the street was eerie, my boss (jokingly I hope) described the scene as that of a Stephen King movie (to this day I’ve only seen one of his movies and that was not by choice). We waited but nothing happened. No rain. No wind. No lightning. Just as quickly as it got dark, the sky cleared and we saw this mystical object in the sky. If I remember correctly it’s called the sun (insert angelic choir).

The day continues without any other surprises until about 2:00PM when we discover that it is not only somewhat sunny outside, but it’s pouring down rain as well (wish I would have thought to look for a rainbow…sure could use a pot of gold). Then the sky lets loose and the flood gates open. There is so much rain, as if we need anymore at this point. That’s when we got the call, “severe weather in the area (really, I had no idea!), be prepared to take shelter if necessary.”

Great. Here it is 2:45PM, pouring down cats and dogs, I get off work in 15 minutes and I’m going to have to go out in this! Apparently my mental complaining got through to the higher powers because by the time I clocked out, it had magical stopped raining ad then just as magically started to pour 5 minutes later when I got to my dentist’s office.

Since my appointment wasn’t until 4:00PM I decided to just hangout in the waiting room for an hour instead of venturing out into the rain to kill time. While sitting there reading my book (“Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert), I must have gotten the same three severe weather alerts on my phone 10 times each at least. I am not kidding when I tell you I received an alert every two – three minutes….the exact same messages: severe thunderstorm, flash flood warning, tornado watch. I had been getting said messages for an hour already.

Finally try call me back to get my teeth cleaned. Now, I’m not one of those people who hates going to the dentist or gets all worried and bent out of shape. The only thing that really bothers me is the sound of the cleaning instruments against my teeth. To me it sounds like they are destroying my teeth rather than cleaning. And since it has been a really long time since my last appointment and because of all the craziness happening with the weather I was a bit on edge today.

Amy, who was cleaning my teeth, was very nice. She and the rest of the office workers were tuned into the radio listening for the weather alerts. When I came into the room she told me that since her back was to the window, to let her know if I saw the trees blowing sideways, so we could hightail it to the basement. (Thinking to self: “okay, how am I suppose to do that while I am laying down with my head tipped back, looking at you while you clean my teeth?!”) I laughed and prayed, “please, please, please let this go fast.” That was probably the wrong thing to pray for…

Amy had just finished cleaning, scraping and hacking away at my bottom teeth when we heard it. The town tornado sirens going off. This is not a test. Do not panic, this is not a drill. then we overheard one of the other office ladies say her husband text her that he saw the funnel cloud touch down. Well, you don’t have to tell us twice, we were heading to the basement. I didn’t even know my dentist office HAD a basement, but I was thankful for it today!

Picture this: two patients, one for a routine cleaning, the other to fix a broken tooth on her birthday of all days, sporting our dentist bibs, each halfway through our appointment in the basement with four dentist assistants. The dentist went outside (I don’t know why!!) to check the sky and when he returned, he brought my dad with him, who had been waiting for me in the car.


So here I am, half my teeth cleaned, hiding out in the basement…you can’t tell because I’m smiling, but I’m freaking out.

We were down there for 30 – 40 minutes waiting out the storm and the tornado. The sirens went off twice more. FREAK OUT EVEN MORE!! Thank goodness for cell phones and data plans or we would have had no idea what was happening in the outside world. I texted my mom and found out she and our dog were holed up in the basement at home. Of course I had to Facebook about the unfortunate timing of the tornado, some of the comments made me smile (“at least it was a cleaning and not a root canal!” or “guess you’ll have to only smile halfway now” — thanks for that one mom!)

Finally, we got the all clear to go back upstairs with the goal of finishing our appointments before the next round hit. I am pleased to say we succeeded….however, as we were about to leave the office to make a break for the car, you’ll never guess why we heard. the tornado sirens….AGAIN!! you know where this is going…back to the dentist’s basement we all go.


At least this time, I have a full set of clean teeth and the other lady has a new tooth. And there we all are, sitting in the same place we were not 30 minutes earlier. Only this time, the power went out, thank goodness for backup generators or we would have been sitting in the dark. Another 20 – 30 minutes passes before we can leave and stupidly I think nothing else can go wrong, we are home free now! Mother Nature had other plans…

Just trying to get out of the city took forever!! There were emergency personnel everywhere!

The normal route we take to go home was flooded and blocked off by a police officer, so we had to take a detour. Have a look:



What would normally take 25 minutes to get home, took nearly an hour tonight. We passed so much flooding. One house was surrounded by water. Rivers were overflowing. Fields were drowning. The ground is just so saturated there is nowhere left for the water to go. Imagine a sponge that just can’t hold anymore water, it’s just dripping all over everything, that’s what we are dealing with.




We pass by this house that has a lake in the front yard, today the lake was so full, you couldn’t tell where the grass ended and the lake began…it just looked like one majorly flooded yard.


Luckily we made it home in one piece, our yard and driveway surprisingly weren’t flooded and the rest of the evening was uneventful. We were suppose to go to my grandparents’ house for my cousin’s birthday dinner tonight, but the festivities have been delayed as both of her parents (her dad is the chief) are on our volunteer fire department and they were out on multiple calls with many roads having to be closed due to flooding. Party has been moved to Thursday night!

Next time I got to the dentist, I really hope its boring and nothing to write about because I NEVER want a dentist or any other appointment for that matter, to be that exciting, ever.

Wordless Wednesday – 7/10/13

10 Jul

A storm’s a brewin’


Night Terrors

13 Jun

I like to think that I don’t get scared that easily. I’m not afraid to be home alone, I’m not frightened of public speaking and I’ll typically try something new at least once to see if I like it. But within the last 3 years I have become terrified of storms, not just in the “I wish it would stop storming because its loud and inconvenient” but in the hand shaking, heart pounding, body trembling, I don’t want to be alone kind of scared.

Last night we had such a storm. We knew it was going to be bad, the paper predicted a massive storm spanning 5 states with winds of 70+ MPH. And during the day yesterday, you would have thought the meteorologists were nuts because it was a gorgeous sunny day with the clearest blue skies you’ve ever seen. (The calm before the storm in retrospect.)

On the drive home from work the sky did get darker, but nothing unusual. It wasn’t until an hour or so later that I really realized this was something bigger than just a typical summer thunderstorm. For the first time ever I heard my phone make an alarming noise, which scared me half to death because i was somewhere between awake and fast asleep, when I received the following text message:


Naturally I posted a photo to Facebook wondering who else had gotten this message. Turns out in my house, only those of us with new phones purchased this year got the message. How strange. A friend from out-of-state commented on my picture saying they do the same thing for Amber Alerts, I had no idea!

Well, the warning of a tornado in the area was sent to the entire northeast area of the state, with the actual possible tornados being a few counties away from where I live so we were in no immediate danger. The warning did get extended until 11PM though.

The actual storm didn’t hit my area until late into the night. Everyone was sleeping, the computers and Internet unplugged, and windows securely shut. It apparently didn’t matter to sleeping me that I was safe and dry and unharmed in my room, because when that first flash of lightning lit up my room and clap of thunder shook the outer walls of my room I bolted straight up in my bed terrified and disoriented. I was never frightened of storms as a child, so when this happens to me now, it’s very unnerving because I know I’m being irrational and silly, but I can’t control it. I’m always taken back to being trapped out in a storm for the record books in my opinion, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I believe I’ve told you that story before.

So there I was, 1:30AM, house quiet with this storm raging all around me, with no one to turn to for comfort and assurance. I felt like I was 5 years old again.

So I did what any mature grown up would do, I turned the fans to full speed, turned my music up and turned away from the window hoping to drift back to sleep to the soothing voices of “Restless Heart.” It didn’t work. A full orchestra wouldn’t have been able to mask the sound of the thunder, and the lightning produced frightening unknown shadows on the walls of my room, it was so bright even closing my eyes didn’t help.

At some point I drifted back to sleep, the last time I remember seeing was 4:10AM, and I was rudely awoken too soon by my 5:06AM alarm clock for work….but I stayed in bed until 5:30. The little sleep I managed was more harmful than helpful as I dreamed of places and people and events I wish I could put out of my mind, but I go back to them every time I’m scared…why is that you think? I know they will make me upset when I wake up, but my subconscious is drawn to these memories in times of fear and distress. So needless to say, the night terrors have followed me into the waking hours.

With little sleep, pent up anxiety/stress and being a non-coffee drinker, I have a feeling today is going to be very long. What I wouldn’t give for a long bear hug, a nap and someone to snuggle with who will understand my irrational fears and love me anyways.

Independence Day

4 Jul

You know you’re from The Kingdom if you know what ” knee-high by the 4th of July” is referencing. If not…. find the answer at the bottom of this post! 😉


I hope you had a great day celebrating our Nation’s birthday!

Every year on the fourth, my family has a family reunion… you know the kind, family members you see once a year, all kinds of pasta salad and hamburgers, and catching up on the latest family gossip , I mean news.

This year, it was HOT!! And not just that, it was muggy and dry. Oh, and I forgot to mention this get-together is held OUTSIDE!!

Now, I love my family. As a whole, we are loud, laughing, enjoying life kind of group. And boy can we talk! Some of my family members will just go on and on and on for what seems like days! You almost have to wonder how they can talk so much and so fast and still breathe. It’s a gift, no other explanation.

Finally, it got to hot to hang around [heat index over 100] and we went home to wait until it was firework time [sort of]!! We always watch fireworks at the same place every year and we have a certain “spot” that we like to watch from… so we went 2 1/2 HOURS EARLY to get our favorite spot. Okay, I should mention partly we do this to get a free parking spot and also to avoid all the people at the pop-up carnival on the other side of the park.

Now, I need to back track for a minute….. all day long, thanks to the extreme heat, we had some MAJOR storms building, and of course when are they suppose to hit? Around the time of the fireworks…. I mean, isn’t that the way it always happens?! So, there we sit, waiting for the show to start and the Queen (aka: mom) gets a text from the King (aka: dad)….. “Thunderstorm building just north of you. Moving fast. Will be there by 10:00pm.” Awesome. And it’s only 9:10pm and the fireworks start at 10:00pm.

I am starting to get paranoid. No joke. The girl who use to LOVE thunderstorms, now dreads them thanks to a life changing experience on my last day in Florida, but that is another story. And then I see it….. lightning over yonder by the carnival rides.

I. Freak.Out.

In what seemed like 1/20 of a second I have packed up my folding lawn chair, stashed away my beloved camera (I’d die if anything happened to it, it really is an extension of my person) and grabbed my bag with the thought that safety lies in getting to the car ASAP. Clearly, my family thinks I have over-reacted. So reluctantly I lay down in the grass, on edge and very stressed out since the next text from the King is something about a tornado warning for our area until midnight. Umm… can we go now, please?!

Not. A. Chance.

“We’ve waited all year to see fireworks” and “it’ll blow over in no time” and “you worry too much” and “they will start any minute now” float on the wind. I think they did end up starting the show a few minutes early and it’s a good thing they did because that storm must have consumed an energy drink or something because it started booking it double time. I have never seen our local fireworks get set off so fast and I NEVER want to see them during a thunderstorm EVER, EVER AGAIN. But I will admit, when I wasn’t concentrating on fighting my body’s fight or flight response, the grand finale looked kind of sweet with the lightning streaks in the background.

And then it was a slow, mad dash back to the car thanks to the torrential downpour. Made all the harder with my sore knee and slippery crocks. What a night.

On the bright side, I did get this picture of the fireworks and I think it looks like this NBA logo. What do you think? Can you see it too, or is my brain still water-logged?

Answer: Corn. And this year, thanks to the good weather, it’s nearly as high as my shoulder!!

Building Forts

27 May

I love Sundays! They may be my favorite day of the week!

It was a lazy, humid day here in the Kingdom. I finished reading book four in The Kingdom Keepers Series, The Kingdom Keepers – Power Play. It was an AMAZING book and I had a hard time putting it down at night so I could sleep! So… because I HAD TO KNOW what was happening next in the story, I began book five, The Kingdom Keepers – Shell Game. I am going to feel empty on the inside when I finish this book! Does anyone else get so lost in a story that they cry and laugh with the characters, and feel lonely when the book ends?! I’ve always had that problem…. or connection!

Now, before you think all I did was read today, I did accomplish 3 loads of laundry! I managed to hang 2 loads outside on the clothes lines. THEY SMELL FANTASTIC NOW, like sunshine and starry nights! It’s the little things of summer that I enjoy! There is nothing as wonderful as falling asleep under sheets and blankets that have soaked in the clean summer air! I am going to sleep so well tonight!

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7 May

There was a time that I LOVED thunderstorms, but that all changed when I got caught in a nasty storm while I was on The Disney College Program in Orlando, Florida. It happened on one of the last days of my college program, while I was in Disney’s Hollywood Studios getting my picture with characters while wearing my graduation ears. As anyone who has ever lived in or visited central Florida can tell you, on most days there is a daily afternoon rain storm, usually right around 3pm or 4pm. So, I was prepared (at this point I had lived in Florida for just under a year), and I had my rain coat and umbrella with me. However, they were little help against the sideways rain, hail and 60 MPH wind. It also didn’t help that I happened to be waiting for the bus in the parking lot to take me back to College Program (CP) housing, so there was little shelter to be found. Needless to say, the bus was delayed because of the weather making driving nearly impossible and I was stuck out in the rain for nearly 40 minutes with another CP who had just gotten off work. By the time the bus arrived, I was soaked to the bone, shivering hard and feared I would never be dry or warm again. Lucky for me, my boyfriend was waiting for me at the bus stop in his warm truck! And, being the awesome guy he is, got me home, made me EXTREMELY hot tea, and found me all the blankets and warm clothes he had in his apartment. So, ever since that day, thunderstorms have kind of rattled me. I have this fear of getting stranded in one out in the open again. Which brings me to today… Continue reading