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Wordless Wednesday- 8/24/16

24 Aug

There’s a storm rolling in…

Wordless Wednesday – 6/15/16

15 Jun

Feeling like a milkmaid! 

Wordless Wednesday – 6/1/16

1 Jun

New life!

Wordless Wednesday – 3/30/16

30 Mar

It smells like spring out here! 


Wordless Wednesday – 2/17/16

17 Feb

Old Man winter finally found us….  


Wordless Wednesday – 12/9/15

9 Dec

Breath-taking sunset from Sunday night. No filter was needed.


Wordless Wednesday- 10/21/15

21 Oct

Happy Back To The Future Day! 


Wordless Wednesday – 9/30/15

30 Sep

Lunchtime doodles.  


Wordless Wednesday- 9/9/15

9 Sep

This workout has gone to the birds…. 


Wordless Wednesday- 9/2/15

2 Sep

My morning view on my new commute to work…stunning sunrise! 

*This photo was taken while I was completely stopped at the traffic lights. All laws of the road were followed to achieve this shot.