Betty Crocker Wanna-Be to the Rescue!

8 Aug

I have felt so stressed lately. Graduation is Saturday, followed by a [going to be small because everyone has plans or is out of town] party.

Then there’s trying to find a full time job. And not just anywhere, but somewhere that gets less than 5 inches of snow a year.

And today Prince Taylor and my friend Beth from high school checked in for the start of their Disney College Program. All day long my heart flip-flopped between excitement for them and this adventure, jealousy because I wasn’t with them, and sadness because it has been over a year now (by 4 days) since I worked my last shift in Magic Kingdom. But mostly, I was anxious to hear what’s changed in a year.

Then my little sister texts me during lunch to inform me that she is getting a pay raise at my old college job. She will now be making $0.10 more/hour than I am at my current job. How is that possible? I thought a college degree was suppose to help with that somehow? Did I mention I’m looking for another job?! 😉

Add to this the stressful phone call I had to make 30 minutes before my work day was over. Needless to say, because I was the messenger bringing the bad news, I also got the individual’s anger. This was my first not so pleasant experience at this job and I think I handled it well. It was nice to know my co-workers were on my side, too!

So when I got home, I wasn’t in the best of moods. I was feeling sorry for myself, which is stupid when so many people are dealing with issues much worse than mine. Sometimes, you just need to throw a pity party and get over it.

Enter my little sister, Princess Megan, carrying this deliciousness!!! She made these last night on a whim.


They are called Frosty S’more Cups. Check out the recipe here!!

It’s like tasting Heaven on a spoon!! Rich chocolate, cool temperature, crunchy crust.

Just the pick-me-up I needed tonight! Thanks little sis!

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